This Is How You Sabotage Your Career Success [Video]

There are definitely going to be many challenges on your way to success, until you get to the point of career fulfillment. Social responsibilities and limited opportunities for progression in the company you work for might be making it harder you to reach your goals in time, but what you probably didn’t realize is that you’re your own worst enemy, preventing your own career success.

Worrying too much about making it to the top or succeeding in a short amount of time can give out the chills and, as a result, can stress you out. In his book The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks explains this phenomenon in just two words: “upper limit”. This simply means that unexpected success can get you out of your comfort zone, leaving you feeling out of control. When this happens, you unconsciously sabotage your own chances of advancemen,t putting your own career at risk.

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Through this video by FastCompany, life coach Marie Forleo explains how you can get rid of doubts to help you raise your game and better succeed in your career. Check it out and share your own thoughts with us in the comments section below!




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