This Positive Trait Is Holding Talented People Back at Work

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Being humble at work can be beneficial to your career as it can help you get ahead but it can also hurt your career. This is how to deal with this issue.

You don’t often hear that positive traits can hold you back at work. There’s the problem with being a perfectionist, sure, which can hurt your career if you let it, but other than that, it’s rare for something positive to turn into something negative, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

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Lots of us hate being the know-it-alls at work, in fact, we hate it so much that when our colleagues do it, we vow never to do it. But, unfortunately, this easily makes us too moderate, or too humble.

How Is Being Humble a Problem?

Well, the problem with being humble at work is that it can make you invisible. You could be the best employee in the team, but unless other people know it, it's not going to do you any good. You may be blessed with a manager who’s aware of these things and always knows who’s doing their job properly, but the chances are that your manager is also preoccupied with creating a name for themselves and they don’t really notice you.

This essentially means that all the good work you’re doing goes unnoticed. This wouldn’t be a problem if we all lived in an ideal world, but since we live in this dog-eat-dog kind of world, and you probably want a raise and a promotion you need to make yourself visible.

Another problem you’ll probably need to deal with when you’re too moderate is that people will steal your credit. Just imagine this scenario that I’m certain has happened to you one too many times. You’ve figured out a solution to a problem at work, being the humble person that you are you’ve not stood up to shout to the world that you cracked it. Instead, you probably kept quiet and shared your new-found knowledge with colleagues that were dealing with the same situation. A colleague who’s never heard of the world humble stood up and shouted to the world that she or he has it and explains to everyone OUT LOUD how to deal with this issue. That basically means that to the eyes of the world, they’ve come up with the solution and that they are problem solvers. That over there my friend is stolen credit, and you’ve allowed them to do it.

How to Solve Your Problem

No, the answer to your problems is not to change personalities. All you need to do is let the world know that you’ve mastered a particular skill. Offer your knowledge whenever possible and make sure that everyone else in your team considers you an expert in dealing with that type of situation.

Your goal is to make your team depend on you for that particular task. Let them know that you’re who they need to come to when they require assistance. Don’t just tell the person in your immediate proximity how to deal with the situation, simply write an explanatory email and send it to your entire team. Let them know that this is how they can deal with the problem and also let them know that you’re available should they require assistance.

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Are you humble at work? Has it created any problems for you? Let us know in the comment section below.




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