This Website Will Make You Feel Better About Life in 1 Minute

This Website Will Make You Feel Better About Life in 1 Minute

Life can be hard, can’t it? Almost anything and everything can get us down, from relationships that aren’t working out to getting yet another parking ticket.

Thankfully, we can now turn to a website called PixelThoughts, created by Marc Balaban, to help us cope with the trials and tribulations of life. This mindfulness website aims to help you put everything into perspective in less than one minute. And strangely, it works. Try it here.



How it works

When you arrive at the site you are asked to type something that is causing you to feel down into a ‘big star’ in the universe. (I typed in ’parking ticket’ as it happens). Your stress then somehow seems to ebb away as the site’s reassuring words kick into action. It’s a simple, but powerful meditation tool to help you very quickly clear your mind.

Why it works

PixelThoughts harnesses the power of perspective, which has been used since the genesis of time as an effective approach to problem solving and decision making.

One approach to perspective taking is to take a ‘meta- view’ – the method employed by PixelThoughts. In this vantage point, we see ourselves as being separate from our situation, both from an emotional perspective, but also from a psychological perspective. The situation is akin to how an aeroplane pilot would see the world beneath him. In other words, by removing ourselves out of a situation and seeing issues from above, we are more able to view the bigger picture and gain a different perspective of our situation.  We are, as a result of this new perspective, more likely to improve the way we feel, having seen our situation in the context of a bigger world. This meta-view helps us to increase our self-awareness and expands our thinking; developing us as people and making us feel better.

Another way to develop perspective is to use your ‘wise mind’. Your wise mind is the part of your mind where your emotional thinking mind and rational thinking mind meet; the part of you that ‘just knows’ something to be true, and it comprises your knowledge and your intuition. Asking yourself how your wise mind might assess a situation will enable you to step back and be more aware of the bigger picture so you can formulate a more effective response. It’s your wise mind that encourages you to take in different perspectives:

  • What does this situation really mean to me?
  • How would this situation appear to others not emotionally invested in it?
  • How is this situation interpreted by those who are emotionally involved in it?
  • What’s the best thing to do in this situation, not just for me but also for others involved?
  • What is the bigger picture I need to see here?

Examining a range of perspectives will help you to minimise troubling feelings, help you become more confident in your situation and generally, feel better.

I encourage you to click over to PixelThoughts  now and try out its 60-second mindfulness technique. Experience the power of perspective and see if it helps, even if only a little (hopefully the beautiful, soft music won’t send you to sleep). Then come back and share your feedback with the rest of us. We’re keen to hear from you – use the comments box below to respond.



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