This Woman Found a Career With Instagram

Instagram is one the world’s most popular photo sharing apps and its popularity has increased even more after Facebook acquired it. A recent report has established that Instagram now tops Twitter among mobile users in the US. While most people use the app for sharing their photos, there is this woman who found a career in Instagram. Yes, it’s true, and we are talking about Lauren Bath.

Bath was a full-time chef for almost twelve years and handled various assignments in Gold Coast and Cairns. She was absolutely in love with her career; however, she also followed photography as a passion.

It was in August 2011 that Lauren decided to give up her career as a chef and become a full-time photographer or “Intragrammer” as she calls herself. She started off by travelling with journalists and travel writers, covering stories using social media. With a long list of followers, it wasn’t difficult for her to market her photos. As a chef, she already had 200,000 followers on Instagram and the moment she decided to switch her career, her follower list swelled to almost 350,000.

Lauren has a simple schedule every day – she wakes up early enough to shoot the sunrise. Her next job is to edit and post the photos to Instagram. She spends the rest of the day scouting locations, clicking photos and finishes off her day by shooting the sunset.

Was it easy for this woman to give up a cushy job? There have been instances when someone found a new passion as a career, but then it all crashed down around them. As far as Lauren was concerned, she was more confident about her Instagramming career because she had enough money saved to last her six months. She took the plunge and unlike many other examples, her fame snowballed.

But how does Lauren make a living by opting for a career like this? She markets her photos on Instagram and uses the popularity of her account to get paid from her clients. She works on solo contracts where she charges her clients for shooting through an entire day for them. She also conducts various campaigns and events and charges an agency rate to her clients. Her clients can use the photographs of the events that they sponsor use them for social marketing. For other purposes, they also pay to purchase her photos.

Lauren follows some simple mantras as part of her career. She is highly dedicated and ensures that all photos are edited before they are posted. She is always looking for ways to improve her photography and editing capabilities. She is also highly engaged with her audience and never misses to respond to a single comment and ensures that she covers every conceivable topic.

This woman, Lauren Bath, is an inspiration for many. There are people that get amazed by the fact that she found a career in Instagram after she gave up her established career as a chef. But analysis clearly shows that Lauren planned it well and she always had confidence in her abilities.






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