More than 9 Thousand Ayacuchanos will Benefit from Ministry of Labour Programs

Ayacucho PEru

During this year, a total of 9500 ayacuchanos will benefit from the training and temporary employment generation offered by the Ministry of Labour. For the purpose, employ an investment of about 31 million soles, which will favor the extremely poor and unemployed in the area, which represents 2.4% of the economically active population.

As part of these actions of speech, the Minister of Labour, José Villena Petrosino, reached Huamanga to close the assistant courses credit and collections, sewing machine operator textile and cakes, made by the program 'Youth to Work ', which involved 65 low-income youth living in the region.

"I thank you for having chosen this program, to give his best and complete it successfully. Play your testimony makes me more committed to the region. " After these words, the job holder sector gave certificates to young graduates.

The ceremony was also attended by the Regional Director of Labour, Paucarhuanca Ana, who along Villena Minister tasted the delicious dishes prepared by students in the course of pastry and were treated to a sailor ayacuchana interpreted by students of the course credit and collection .

At another point in the ceremony, Villena said the desire to gradually amass this kind of programs that are international models and is training Peruvians best: "We have the mission entrusted by President Ollanta Humala, to reach you and give them the tools they need for their development. You, as well as being technically trained, have also been targeted to be better people. Now they feel more Peruvians, because it shows his desire to improve. "

To date, in Ayacucho, the program 'Youth to Work' has benefited 761 low-income youth.




During his visit to this city Labour Minister also installed the Regional Council of Labour and Employment Promotion CRTPE - Ayacucho, which constitute a dialogue between business, labor and the regional government, where you can discuss labor policies of the region.

"This should be a productive dialogue space where employers, workers and government matching specific targets according to the reality of their region. You are the leaders and have the representation of their sector, to use that capacity, "said Jose Villena, after presiding over the swearing in of the President and members of this council. 

Among the board members are representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Organization of Micro and Small Enterprise, Trade Union of Workers of the National University of San Cristobal de Huamanga and Construction Workers' Union. "It is important the presence of the Union of Construction, in Ayacucho because there is a boom in construccióny the idea is to work and talk with them to avoid any kind of conflict," said Villena.

Meanwhile, the new chairman of the Regional Council of Labour, Wilfredo Oscorima Nuñez, current president of the Regional Government of Ayacucho, reflected on the importance of the Regional Council of Labour: "Ayacucho has been beaten by the violence, there has been much confrontation between brothers ayacuchanos why we need institutions like this to solve our problems through dialogue and mutual respect. "

Ayacucho, August 14, 2012