Three Odd Tips to Make Yourself a Millionaire

sleeping on the desk

Anyone who is not already or wasn’t born a millionaire or billionaire has at some point in their life dreamed of having that kind of money. Sadly, unless you win the lottery or inherit the money from a wealthy relative you usually have to work quite hard to become a millionaire. However, here are three odd tips that could help you on your quest to being a millionaire.


Usually procrastination is seen as a very negative trait among people and workers especially. In fact, many entrepreneur guides advise you to trust your gut and make quick decisions to be decisive. But is this the case? Is rushing to a decision really the right course of action? When you think about it, when we are considering a vital business decision we should always try to think of the pros and cons of our decision. In fact, pro athletes are a perfect example of this. It may seem like they are making fast decisions without thinking about it. But actually because they are so highly trained and skilled they are able to make careful decision extremely quickly about where to place a Rugby fall when passing it or how to hit a tennis ball. Think about it, how do Football or Rugby players manoeuvre in and out of other players when they manage to break through defences. Careful decision-making. So what this tells us is that procrastination is a good thing as long as it is constructive of course and not just messing about on Facebook.

Power napping

While businesses look upon employees napping in the work place extremely badly it isn’t actually such a bad thing. Grabbing a twenty-five minute nap in the lunchroom during your break or power napping as it is called has actually been proved to improve employee performance by up to 25%. This means that if you are hard at work as an entrepreneur then grabbing a quick power nap when you feel tired will reinvigorate you and make you more effective at running your business. Some of the most successful businesses in the world such as Google, AOL, Procter and Gamble and Price Waterhouse Coopers actually encourage power napping.  Google, Procter and Gamble and Price Waterhouse Coopers actually go as far as to install special energy pods for employees to nap in. Generally, throughout the day you will become less innovative unless you grab a quick powernap.  

Your Product Doesn’t Have to Change the World

Some people may feel that their product has to be amazingly innovative and change the world. This is ridiculous, you do not have to change the world you just have to have a good business model and be able to sell your idea. You need to know what your market is and be able to sell it to that market effectively. Apple did not invent the personal computer, graphical user interface, MP3 player or smart phone. What they did was take all these concepts and either put their own spin on them to almost give the illusion that they had invented them. This allowed Apple to become amazingly profitable; so why can’t you take a similar approach and just put your own spin on someone else’s innovative idea.

There you have it; three unconventional ways help speed your way to become a millionaire. Of course, if you follow these rules it does not guarantee your success, but it they will help to put you a bit ahead of the competition.