Three Very Innovative Charity Marketing Campaigns

In today’s world of high-tech gadgets, short attention spans and the generally impatient consumption of digital information, whether submitting a simple job application or heading up a new marketing strategy for a gargantuan global retail giant, it can be incredibly tough to truly stand out from the crowd.

A huge part of any company or organization’s growth and progression in today’s world boils down to cutting-edge campaign that really slaps people in the face and forces them to listen, and the charity sector is no exception.

So if you are in your first marketing role and looking to conjure up some innovative ideas to impress your new boss, here are three captivating charity marketing campaigns that might just offer a bit of inspiration...

Who Is Banting?

Yes indeed, who is Banting? Well, Sir Frederick Banting was a Nobel Prize winning medical scientist and the primary discoverer of insulin - an essential component in to helping to control the blood sugar levels of those suffering with Diabetes.

With that in mind, Diabetes UK took the initiative to launch the Twitter campaign #whoisbanting to help promote World Diabetes Day 2013, and ultimately spread awareness through the online community.

We all know hashtags are commonly used to help different events and subjects trend, but this particularly well placed Twitter buzzword in conjunction with the many World Diabetes Day events happening at the time really sparked the nation’s curiosity and subsequently, generated a huge amount of engagement, interaction and well-deserved exposure for the organisation.

Stand Up To Cancer

Initially launched by the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Stand Up To Cancer does exactly as its hard-hitting name suggests. By encouraging innovation and collaboration rather than competition and segregation in cancer research, Stand Up To Cancer provides funding incentives to unified groups of scientists known as ‘Dream Teams’ in a drive to create a more focused approach to finding an all-important cure.

With a combination of televised and online advertising, they have done an exceptional job of making the public aware of their efforts; therefore, encouraging people get up, get together and get involved in preservation of this noble cause.

Men United

Let’s face it, most of us men aren’t very good when it comes to going to the doctor’s, and we certainly don’t like talking about our personal parts with complete strangers!

Prostate Cancer UK has found an ingenious way of getting the population (particularly blokes!) to re-think their attitudes to men’s health with their current campaign, Men United vs Prostate Cancer.

By using a manly and competitive football theme coupled with the friendly face of articulate British comedian, Bill Bailey, they have really caught the attention of the nation.

Quite cleverley, the advert steers people online to take a prostate cancer knowledge test and it really makes people aware of the issue while giving them a platform to show themselves how very little they really know about it. By making people stop and consider a few basic principles, Prostate Cancer UK are helping to raise awareness and ultimately make a real difference - and every time someone takes a test, 50p is donated to the charity. An effective, aesthetically pleasing campaign with bundles of clout!

All three of the above organisations have done a sterling job of making people stop and take notice and it just goes to show that by carefully targeting your audience and thinking outside the box, no matter how small an organisation or company may be, it’s really possible stand out and ultimately make a difference.

Whether the founder of 2014 start-up business, a struggling job seeker or anyone in between, by taking some inspiration from Diabetes UK, Stand Up To Cancer and Prostate Cancer UK, you too can be a glistening needle in that one giant haystack.

 Good luck!