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I wish I could wave a magic wand and give myself more hours in the day. I always say how much I hate sleeping and what a waste of time I think it is. I only sleep 5 hours at my best, but think of all those hours we sleep in general. Think of all the amazing and creative things we could be achieving in those wasted hours of sleep! Think of all the new World Records people would be setting in those 8 hours of sleep! Baking 20 meter cakes at 4am! Well the awful truth is we need to sleep. Our body and mind need those 5 – 8 hours to rest and recover, especially when you live a heavy lifestyle. So since we have to sleep, how about freeing up a few hours in our day? That’s what the next 3 tips are about.

Tip #1

Get up earlier! I know everyone is already getting up early, but if you get up 15 minutes earlier every day, and make those 15 minutes your time, you can make amazing progress on multiple important tasks in your life. You’ll feel way ahead of the game at 9am, when other people are just getting started. So get up early and hit that number one priority!

Tip #2

Script your day! Have a notebook beside your bed, and keep it specifically for this reason. To note down what you need to get done the next day. Follow that book like your life depends on it, so you know that at 8 o’clock what specific activity is first in line for your day, and at 9 o’clock what you should be moving on to, and so on. A very important factor is to make sure you build in breaks, and make sure you build in time to communicate and take phone calls, send messages and e mails. Be realistic with the time you devote to each activity, but make sure you script it all out so you know what you’re doing at specific times of the day. Make sure to review and update your script before you go to bed, this brings us to tip number 3!

Tip #3

Set your priorities and your script the night before, so when you wake up the next morning 15 minutes earlier, you have your number one priority of the day in place. Then you can go and get ready, prepare your breakfast, feed the kids, walk the dog, get off to work or any other everyday tasks you have, and follow your script to outline the rest of your day. Having your priorities in line, your script, and your extra time, will make each and every day much more productive.

Now this is something that will take practice and dedication, as with everything in life. Stick to this for a week, and then follow up with these tips again. You will be well on your way to discovering you have freed up 2 – 3 extra hours in your days.


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