Tips for Creating Effective Landing Pages


A proper landing page is critical for the success of any online marketer. This is the page where site visitors find themselves after clicking an ad. The aim of the landing page is to direct your visitors’ attention to a specific offer, thus converting them into leads. Here are some great tips for creating and optimizing your landing pages:

1. Eliminate the main navigation

When designing your sales page, your objective should be to keep your visitors there as long as possible. Therefore, if you have other links on the page, your visitors might end up being distracted and leaving before converting. Therefore, it would be advisable to ensure that your landing page is free from the main navigation links.

2. Include all the important elements

Landing pages seek to convert visitors into leads by persuading them to submit their contact information or complete a transaction. Therefore, it is very crucial to include the following elements which will enhance your chances of success:

  • A headline and sub-headline
  • A short and concise description of the offer. Focus on its benefits, not just its features
  • At least one relevant image
  • Validation elements such as security badges and testimonials
  • A form to collect visitors’ details

3. Highlight the offer’s value

Before creating your sales page, take time to research on the needs of your target audience. Write a few paragraphs and bullet points clearly mentioning how your offer will meet their needs. This will enhance the chances of visitors taking the desired action. For instance, instead of ‘Product X will enable you to save money’, say ‘Product X has been proven to cut costs by 50%’.

4. Don’t clutter the page

When it comes to creating landing pages, less is always more. Avoid the temptation of filling your pages with too many elements. Cluttering will make your landing page appear messy and might end up confusing visitors. In addition, it could also slow the loading speed of your page, thus frustrating your visitors. Therefore, be sure to minimize the images and text, and have plenty of white space.

5. Match the headline and the call to action

Make sure the headline and calls to action on your landing page send out the same message. When people click on your call to action, they should find what was promised in the headline. This will eliminate confusion and enhance your credibility with visitors. However, sending two different messages will result in loss of trust.

6. Only ask for important information

Keep the forms on your landing pages as short as possible. Visitors are more likely to convert if they are not required to submit too much information. However, longer forms are only likely to put people off. In many cases, a first name and email address would be sufficient.

7. Encourage social sharing

Remember to add social media sharing buttons to your page. This will make it easier for your prospects to tell others about your offer. However, to avoid cluttering, only add buttons for major social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

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20 percent discount

These are just a few tips which could enhance the success of your landing page. Take time to test different ideas to find what works best for you.