Tips for Creating Memorable Logos

The logo is the calling card of any firm. It’s your primary piece of visual content and will appear on everything from letterheads to your website. This is why you have to get it right. Create the wrong impression and it’s going to ruin your marketing efforts.

If you aren’t a professional designer, you need concrete advice on what you need to do. Vague advice is no use to you. In this article, we’re going to provide you with some useful tips for creating memorable logos.

Keep it Simple

This is the best piece of advice any business owner could ever get. Young entrepreneurs often make the mistake of trying to reinvent the wheel. You don’t need to do this. People have and always will respond to simplicity.

Take a look at your logo and try to stick to two colours at the most. Use simple shapes. Here’s a little test you can use:

Ask a friend or family member to spend five or ten seconds looking at the logo. Remove the logo and tell them to draw what they saw. A simple logo will easily be reproduced after only a few seconds of looking at it.


Your logo has to work on multiple scales and in multiple formats. To do this, stick to colours that can be shown on the web. It’s also where keeping it simple comes in handy. Highly detailed logos may look great scaled up, but when they’re tiny all this detail disappears. You want your logo to work anywhere without any modifications.

Tried and Tested Colouring

Some colour combinations are timeless. Monochromatic and dichromatic designs have been proven to work for hundreds of years. There are exceptions like Google, but take a look at Apple, Nike, and Shell Oil. They all use one or two colours.

The problem with using trendy colour designs is trends disappear. In five years, you don’t want to sport an unfashionable logo.

No Gimmicks 

Never try to incorporate something that’s funny today. What’s gimmicky and hilarious today won’t be that way tomorrow. Within months, your logo will only come off as forced and out-of-touch. 

Fancy Fonts are Hell

Elegant fonts with loopy writing might look like it’s straight from the aristocracy of the 19 century, but the fact is they’re difficult to read. Fonts should be chosen based on how easy they are to read in a heartbeat. Leave the hard aesthetics to the symbol itself.

Hire the Right Designer

Creating a memorable logo is about hiring the right person to make the memorable logo. Search for the right designer. Gather together a list of prospective contacts and speak to them about your needs.
Ask for evidence of their previous work and see whether their style matches yours. You need to be able to work with them. If they don’t understand your industry and the style you’re looking for, it’s not going to work.

Stop Predicting the Future

Whenever someone mentions the words ‘timeless’ and ‘memorable’, people start trying to predict the future. This is the wrong way to go about it. You can’t predict the future. Design what’s going to look good now. Good design never ages.

And this is what it all boils down to. Simplicity will always be timeless. Stay away from anything that has the expiry date of milk. Keep to one or two colours and a design people can recall within a matter of seconds. This is how you’re going to bring in the customers and make sure your company thrives in the long-term.


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