Tips for Evoking Emotions During Video Marketing Campaigns

A video marketing campaign has to engage the audience. If they cannot connect with you, the issue is within the delivery. Bland and mundane tones turn audiences off. You have to have the right kind of emotion behind the delivery of your message. Every video marketing campaign needs to possess several qualities which include humor, personal connection, desire and pertinent content.


In the right campaign, humor goes a long way. Many consumers are attracted to a campaign due to the humor value that it has. The more entertained a potential customer is, the more likely they are to engage themselves with a company. Of course, using humor for advertising purposes has to be done in good taste.

The type of humor used must also be done so carefully. Raw humor is good for novelty items and lighthearted themes. When using humor, smile and have fun with it. Stiff humor often flops and doesn’t lead you to more sales or potential customers.

Delivering News Tidbits

When delivering news, regardless if it is product/service news or current events in the world, you can still have a pleasant tone. Keep your voice friendly but afflict conviction in your voice at the same time. When it comes to news, you have to be professional and use the right wording.

One tactic that you can use is relating current events or news to your product or service. This is one instance where mild humor may be beneficial. News is factual content and requires that the deliverer of the news is composed, rehearsed and informative all at the same time.

Authoritative Tones

There is a proper time and place for authoritative tones. This type of tone demands the audience’s attention and shows that you have extensive experience with the product or service you are marketing. Using examples, statistics and real study information is valid information that should not be left out.

One of the issues with authoritative marketing campaigns is that they become lengthy due to the amount of information that the campaign requires. When it comes to this, it is ideal to use a PowerPoint presentation format. This allows you to create slides that can be animated and have voice behind them in a direct and more visually appealing manner.

Emotional Appeal to the Audience

Every video marketing campaign has to have some type of emotion behind it. The type of emotion used is solely dependent upon the premise of the campaign. For instance, if you are marketing products for a medical research foundation, you want to use compassion in a soft and friendly tone. If you are marketing an exciting new household gadget, your tone should evoke excitement and conviction.

In essence what this means is that you have to find a medium that helps you connect to the audience personally.

Using Kindness to Obtain Testimonials

Testimonials from past clients and customers are important to include in your video marketing campaign. These do not have to be video testimonials, but it is more helpful if the viewers can actually see the previous customer. Speak with kindness and use “sweet talk” to get past clients and customers to agree to provide a video testimonial for the marketing campaign.

Using these tips, you can evoke the right type of emotion into video marketing campaigns. Video marketing campaigns are a way to engage in a more personal manner with potential clients and customers. It shows the audience that you are providing a more personal approach to obtain their business and that you are involved more than just sending out emails, writing up articles and directing others to generate sales.

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