Tips for Getting Your Music Reviewed

Getting your music reviewed in music blogs, magazines or television programs can play a major role in your success as a musician. A favorable review can help you stand out from other artists in your genre, thus generating more exposure for your album. Here are some of the benefits having your music reviewed:

  • If the review is favourable, you can include it in your press kit
  • Sharing such reviews with your existing followers can enhance their loyalty
  • Reviewers have their own followers. When they read your review, they might actually end up being fans of your music  
  • Good reviews can boost the sales of your music

Here are some guidelines for getting your music reviewed:

1. Identify potential reviewers

The first step to having your music reviewed is to identify potential reviewers. Visit several online and offline publications and write down the names of the reviewers. Remember to target only reviewers who cover your music genre. For instance, if you sign country music, it would not make sense to send a request to a hip hop reviewer. In addition, make sure the reviewers you are targeting are objective. Avoid those that have a reputation for trashing artists and albums. Having a bad review out there can be detrimental for your music career.

2. Contact the reviewers

It would be advisable to get in touch with the reviewer first before sending them anything. Send them an email talking about your album and find out if they would be interested in writing a review. If they are not inclined to your genre, you don’t have to send them anything else. However, if they are interested, send them your CD immediately. To enhance the chances of your envelope getting opened, remember to include the words ‘solicited material’ on top. However, don’t do this is you haven’t talked to the reviewer before.        

3. Wait patiently

Most reviewers find themselves flooded with tens or even hundreds of requests every week. As a result, it might take several weeks or even months before your review gets published. It is therefore very important to be patient. Avoid the temptation of constantly pestering the reviewer. Don’t keep sending reminders asking when your review is likely to be published. This could only result in your album receiving a nasty review or being ignored altogether. Once you have submitted your album, wait patiently and hope for the best.

4. Send a thank you note for neutral or good reviews

If you get a review that is neutral, it implies that the reviewer wasn’t exactly impressed with your album. But at least they found time to listen to it. Therefore, remember to send reviewers a thank you note when they offer a good or neutral review. This will enable you to build strong relationships and thus find favor for subsequent submissions.

5. Be gracious when you get bad reviews

You can get bad reviews for various reasons. Some of them could be that your album is not good, the reviewer is biased against your genre or the reviewer is getting back at you for harassing him. Whenever you get a bad review, it is very easy to send a nasty email attacking the reviewer. However, this would not be advisable since you need to maintain relationships. Read the review objectively and find out if there is any truth in it. You might actually find some valid points which could help you improve. If the review is unfair, you might actually attract the support of fans who might counter it with positive reviews.

The guidelines above will help you get more and better reviews for your music.

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