Tips for Increasing the Shareability of Your Blog Posts

The humble blog is one of the primary forms of communication on the Internet. Everyone from big businesses to angst-ridden teenagers is blogging. The problem is a lot of blogs go unread. They have no chance of going viral because nobody is sharing them with their friends and family members.

Here are some useful tips for increasing the shareability of your blog posts and bringing in a larger audience.

Long-Form Content Always Wins

Long-form content is generally anything above 500 words. Studies have shown long-form content will always triumph over short-form content. People want to be able to get their teeth into a subject. If it’s too short, you won’t hook them in time.

The latest research papers have discovered, as it stands now, long-form content over 2,000 words gets the most shares. It’s a linear relationship between increasing word count and an increasing likelihood to be shared.

When you start to go over 2,000 words, it allows you to delve deep into a subject and give the subject the proper attention it deserves.

Include Images

Everyone always says to add images to a blog posts.

The reason for this is some people understand subjects visually. In most cases, the image should be relevant and present a different view of the subject. Only humorous blogs can ignore this and opt for something weird and wacky.

Another reason to include images is because when a post is shared, different social media platforms pull up the image as an accompaniment. It makes it stand out in a cluttered newsfeed. Facebook is notorious for doing this.

Fulfill a Desire

The New York Times conducted a survey into why people share blogs. They discovered the top reasons were:

  1.       To help define themselves to others.
  2.       To promote the causes they care about.
  3.       To meet their desires for self-fulfillment.

In short, people are selfish when it comes to determining whether a blog post is worthy of a share. This is exactly why long-form content is superior for encouraging people to share. Fulfill a desire by focusing on a niche audience. Avoid trying to get everyone in your net. Provide a strong opinion and avoid sitting on the fence. You want to enflame the passions of your readers.

Share and Share Again

Most bloggers make the mistake of sharing content through social media once; usually within hours of posting. The problem is not everyone is using social media at a certain time of day. Furthermore, not everyone will see your update the first time.

Get into the habit of sharing old posts every few days. You also need to share some of the posts from your archives for the benefit of your newer readers. This increases the lifespan of each blog post you publish.

An Industry Influencer

Latch on to the popular blogs you want to emulate. Do whatever you can to get the right people to share your blog. One popular authority figure sharing your blog can do more for you than getting 100 members of the general public to share your blog.

Take note, this step takes time.

Understand that the share ability of a blog depends entirely on whether you meet the personal desires of your readers. They share for themselves, not to improve your business prospects. To meet these desires, you have to start introducing long-form content and make sure you’re catering to visual learners through images.

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If you do this well enough, you’ll get the right people sharing your content. It’s not just about the number of people sharing your blogs. It’s about getting the best people to share your blogs.

Target quality of content, personal desires, and the right industry figures and you’ll see your Internet traffic rising.


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