Tips For Those Who Travel More Than They Are In The Office

Being constantly on the move instead of being stuck in your seat at the office may sound exciting for most people. However, people who are on mobile most of the time on tasks related to their work don’t seem to be a happy lot. The inordinate delays at airports or while stuck in a traffic snarl can take up a lot of your precious time and cause frustration. This is in addition to being away from your colleagues at the office most of the time.

Here are six tips you may find useful.  

Always keep your team informed

Being incognito while working may be a great boon indeed, however it certainly affects teamwork.  That is why it is important to let your colleagues know where you are, in case they need to ping you or invite you to a conference call. There are several ways to do this like keeping them aware of your daily schedules, or setting aside fixed days and hours for such discussions. Checking your inbox regularly and having your phone calls and emails forwarded while on the move are some other ways to stay in the loop.

Call for meetings

Instead of waiting for others to call for meetings, take the initiative and plan and host meetings without being prompted. Make sure you don’t make that a habit though, calling for meetings at the drop of a hat. Like most other workshifters, you may find it too tedious to work all by yourself, and it makes sense to initiate a meeting once in a way, instead of being a mere participant.

Opt for instant channels over deferred for communication

There is nothing like a personal touch while communicating with your peers. One cannot deny the fact that communicating through emails, wikis, group discussions, or even personal blogs is a great option whenever all your colleagues cannot be present at the same time. However, this is not the same as video conferencing, teleconferencing, chatting or in-person meetings, which let people interact better.

Select the appropriate medium for collaboration

Choosing the appropriate medium of communication is very important. While teleconferencing can turn out to be a bit too formal, video conferencing lets people be more informal and relaxed. When you need to present something very important, webinars are the best way to communicate. Several people prefer chatting as it is the next best thing to speaking with a person, and one can convey messages very easily.

Don’t be a silent spectator

Being a silent spectator cannot serve any useful purpose for the team and for yourself. Being an active participant and contributing your mite makes a lot of difference. When the nature of your job keeps you on the move constantly, people tend to forget you as you are an absent participant most of the time. Make worthy contributions and ensure that everyone feels your presence.

Collaborate smartly

Today the social media presents several avenues for people to stay in touch. You may either collaborate with peers on LinkedIn, or any other special ‘meet up’ group. It’s not just online groups, you may participate in any of the several offline groups or join the local committee, because collaborating with a cross-section of society improves your social and communication skills, and lets you do things the way your other colleagues at work do.

In short, people whose nature of work tends to keep them on the move constantly need to endeavor to remain in the loop most of the time, lest they feel left out. It is not a great idea to feel like an alien when in the presence of your colleagues. Hence, learning how to mingle and interact with people while workshifting is very important.


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