Tips for Turning Your Hidden Talents into a Business

Do you have a hidden talent? If so, you could turn your talent into a business; like Online Session Drummer and author of ’How to Teach Drums,’ Claire Brock. Follow Claire’s top tips and you could be your own boss too!

It doesn’t happen overnight

I didn’t stop any other work to do it, I just used all my free time to get off the ground. I knew I was going to work my butt off to get enough work...I get out what I put in.”

I know it’s a cliché but don’t give up your day job. Claire’s main objective while she was getting off the ground with her business was to always make sure that the rent was paid and the bills were never behind. This means becoming an expert at time management and working twice as hard.

Top Tip: Draw up a month planner – by hand or by using your digital calendars – this will help you to figure out where you have free time that you could dedicate to getting your business started.

Get with the times...Get a website

My first website was really basic but as I learnt more and as the business grew I was able to make it better. I always wanted it to be professional though.”

The internet is a cheap and easy way to start promoting yourself. Building a website may not be as hard as you think.

Top Tip: Weebly have some great options to start you off and their website building tools make it really simple. Plus you can choose to use a Weebly domain for free and then buy your own at a later date.

Learn new skills but know your limits

I taught myself a lot by using resources on the internet...but one thing I did outsource was the artwork for my book because that is not my thing.”

Turning your talent into a job has to be just that: a professional job. If you can do everything yourself then great, but if there are some things that you need help with from a different skill set then don’t sacrifice the quality. You can save money elsewhere. For example, Claire self-published so she doesn’t have the publisher fees incurred on the traditional route.

Top Tip: It’s a good idea to make yourself a budget so that you know just how much you have to spend.  Some expenses are tax-deductable so make sure you check out the fact sheets on HMRC.

Don’t let fear hold you back...Turn the lows into highs

I didn’t know that when I set up my first website I would then be writing a book telling other people how to build a career out of online session work. You make a few mistakes, of course you do, but you learn from them.”

job search
job search

Fear of failure stops so many of us from even trying. If the first attempt doesn’t go to plan, it’s really important to take the knock, work out what went wrong and make it better next time. Feedback is really important for this so if you’ve put in a bid for a job and didn’t get it, ask them for some pointers on what you need to improve on.

Top Tip: At the earliest stages of building your business, joining industry forums on LinkedIn and MeetUp will help you bounce your ideas off of established professionals and get some great tips on what to work on.

One simple thing...

You meet someone at a party and you get talking. They ask you what you do. You tell them you own your own business and they’re really interested. You want them to remember you, right? One simple thing to do this is to get yourself some business cards. There are loads of companies offering low-cost options to the more elaborate. Zazzle has thousands of designs to choose from if you want something a bit different or why not design your own?

Today Claire has her own studio, a great website loaded with testimonials and a book with superb reviews.

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