How to Calm Pre-Interview Nerves

Your interview is looming, you are losing sleep at night from anxiety, and you wake up having nightmares that the interview goes badly. These are all perfectly normal, if not unwanted, feelings that job seekers have before a job interview. But if you allow yourself to get worked up before the interview, you may find that whilst you are qualified for the job, you do not perform. Why? Because you let your nerves get the better of you!

It is essential that you learn how to curb the nerves and cap your fear before it escalates and prevents you from doing your best in the interview.  Here are some useful tips to get you started…

#1 Research the company and interviewer

Do background research on the company, what they do, developments they have made and recent products they have released. Familiarize yourself with what the company has to offer and therefore, what you can offer them! You must also do some ‘digging’ so to speak on the interviewer. Find out their name, job title and look them up on social media platforms to learn more about their personality and put a ‘face to a name’. You can gauge a lot from a person’s social media activity, and let’s face it, we both know the interviewer will be snooping your profiles too!

#2 Put yourself in their shoes

The recruiter is ultimately hoping that you are the perfect employee. You will save them a lot of hard work, time and money by simply being the answer to their recruitment prayers; so don’t go into the interview thinking they are out to trick you or make you feel stupid. Their aim is to fill the job and you are essentially there to help them reach their goal!

#3 Prepare for all eventualities

Print 2 copies of your CV to bring with you (this gives you something to refer to if you begin to stumble when answering a question). If the job requires a portfolio – be sure to have this at hand! It is also essential that you draw up a list of commonly asked interview questions and prepare interesting, unique and tailored answers to them. This will show that when asked such questions, you have taken the initiative to prepare and structure your responses.

A list of commonly asked interview questions can be found online however, the most popular include:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why are you the best candidate for the job?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • What is your most memorable achievement in your career so far?

#4 Plan your outfit

Your interview outfit will give off the first impression to the interviewer and so it is vital that you select a professional suit that shows you to be a respectable candidate. You must avoid showing too much skin, cover up any visible tattoos and take out any face piercings. By planning your outfit the night before, it will give you one less thing to have to think about on the actual interview day! Try on your outfit too, this can help you to visualize yourself attending the interview before the day and is a great method of familiarizing yourself with a daunting task ahead.

#5 De-stress the night before

Rather than allow yourself to worry about the next day’s interview, fill your day with things that will keep your mind off it. Whilst it is important that you spend some of the day rehearsing your interview questions and responses, it is equally important to stay relaxed. Run yourself a nice relaxing bath, go out for dinner with friends or watch your favorite movie. You can also try drinking chamomile tea (known for its calming effect).  A good night’s sleep is imperative to your performance the next day so get to bed at a respectable hour.

If you manage to stick to these five simple rules you should be one step ahead of much of the competition. It should also have the bonus of calming your nerves which will only improve your performance in the interview. So just do your preparation and you should have nothing to worry about.




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