Tips on How to Use Twitter to Enhance Online Visibility

One of the most effective ways for businesses to enhance their visibility online is through social media. Twitter is especially a great channel for getting word out about your business, regardless of the industry. Recent studies have shown that Twitter has more than 0.6 billion active users, with thousands joining on a daily basis. Therefore, if used properly, this social media platform can be an invaluable tool for promoting your business. Here are some tips which will help you get the most out of Twitter.

1. Form your tweets properly

For your tweets to be effective, they need to be worded properly. Avoid starting your tweet with @username since it could obstruct the tweet. Instead, you could start with a greeting, like ‘How are you @username?’ If you are tweeting content, you could use ‘Article Name via @username’. When it comes to hashtags, be sure to use them sparingly. Having three or more hashtags appears spammy and could put off your followers, thus resulting in fewer retweets. Therefore, take time to do your research and select at most two hashtags that are popular in your niche.

2. Offer valuable tweets

Besides being formed correctly, your tweets should also meet the needs of your target audience or followers. Use your tweets to offer resources, inspiration, advice or tutorials which your followers would find valuable. If your tweets are consistently helpful, you are likely to be viewed as an authority in your field.

3. Engage and promote others

Engaging other Twitter users is one of the best ways of building a strong online presence. Take time to follow businesses and individuals who share similar interests with you. When someone shares something useful, be sure you retweet it. In addition, you could leave a useful comment. When sharing your own tweets, tag others who would find it helpful. When you share other people’s tweets, they are also likely to share your tweets with their followers. This will result in greater exposure online.

4. Run contests on Twitter

Running contests can be a very effective strategy for getting more followers. However, you need to ensure that the prizes being offered are valuable to your target audience. For instance, if your company sells web templates, you could offer a few free templates for the winners. Make sure your promotional tweets for the contest have relevant hashtags as well as your Twitter @username. In addition, the tweet should have a link to the giveaway page. If you would like to build a mailing list, you can have a form on your page where participants are required to submit a name and email address.

5. Have buttons on your blog or site

Twitter buttons should be displayed prominently on the pages of your blog or site. You could place the Twitter follow button on the side bar, the header or any other place where it can be easily seen. All your individual posts should be accompanied with a Tweet button which can be placed at the bottom or the top of posts. You can experiment with different positions to see what works best.    

6. Tweet frequently

Every day, there are numerous tweets competing for your followers’ attention. Studies have shown that each second, more than 9,000 tweets are sent out. Therefore, to enhance your chances of being seen, you need to tweet as often as possible. Since your followers are likely to be in different time zones across the world, it would be advisable to schedule a tweet to go out 3 or 4 times a day. Twitter offers several auto tweet tools which can help schedule posts in an organized way.

Be sure to check the Twitter analytics page to find out how your recent tweets have performed. For instance, you can find out which tweets were ‘favorited’ or retweeted by most followers. The strategy used for popular tweets should be replicated in your future posts. However, if your tweets don’t seem to generate much interest, you might have to think of a different approach.


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