Tips to Jump Start your Day When you're Not a Morning Person

Robert Pagliarini from Sudden Wealth TV provides us with 5 great tips on how to start your day off right, when you aren’t necessarily a ‘morning person’. Why is this subject so important? The answer lies in the fact that by having a good start to your day, you can direct how positively the rest of your day will pan out. You need to set yourself up first thing in the morning to ensure you are in a positive and calm frame of mind, whilst also preparing your brain and body for a physical or challenging day ahead.

Let’s take a look at how you can set yourself up for a great day ahead (even if you aren’t a morning person).

#1 Kill the snooze button

By ‘snoozing’ your alarm, you are effectively telling your brain that while you know you should get up, you simply do not have the willpower to do so. This is a dangerous message to send yourself first thing in the morning. The moment your alarm goes off, turn it off and get out of bed. This will train your brain to ensure you have the motivation to get up and to be energetic as soon as you awaken.

#2 Get your blood flowing

You need to get the blood circulating properly; this doesn’t need to be strenuous exercise, it can be yoga, stretching or simple breathing exercises. Whatever you chose to do to get your blood flowing, you need to schedule at least 15 minutes in the morning to do this, each and every morning. As soon as you build yourself into a routine, this will become easier to do and more enjoyable. The benefits of yoga and controlled deep breathing first thing in the morning far outweigh an extra few minutes in bed in the morning.

#3 Jot down your gratitude

Once you are fully awake, stretched and ready for action, you need to take another few minutes to journal some things that you are grateful or happy about. This could be things you want to achieve, experiences you want to happen, the person you want to become etc. Whatever you decide to journal, be sure to keep this journal safe and add to it every morning. The more grateful you are for your current situation, the more likely it is that good things will come your way.

#4 Eat breakfast

Research continually shows us that breakfast is essential to a productive and happy day, whilst also being necessary to keep our bodies functioning properly throughout the day. You need to begin a daily routine of eating a healthy breakfast, full of protein, fibre and nutrients. If you really cannot spare the time to prepare such a meal each morning, you can take healthy fruit/vegetable shakes with you on your journey to work.  For some healthy fruit smoothie recipes, check them out here.

Be sure to check out the video by Robert Pagliarini for his tips on starting your day off right!

If you have any other tips for those you are not ‘morning people’ on how to start their day off in a positive way, then please do add your tips in the comments section below!

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