Top 10 Accoutrements of a Young (Single) Professional

Barny Whisky glass

So, you’ve got your smartphone, your tablet, and your sleek black leather case. So, you think you’ve got your young professional kit set up? Well, I’m here to tell you that your inexperience is evident in your confidence. Here are 10 accoutrements that you might want to add to your sleek black leather case.

1. Modbook Pro

A tablet-inspired Macbook? That doubles as a graphic tablet? Yes, this is Apple’s parlance into the productivity tablet market (meaning tablets that can be used for more than media consumption and spamming all your friends with Candy Crush Saga invites). Almost in direct response to Microsoft Surface, a Windows-based tablet with a dedicated cover/keyboard, the Modbook comes with a dedicated stylus and a touch surface with 2.048 different pressure levels for all your designer-ly or artistic needs.

2. The Basis Peak Fitness Tracker

An office job can be mentally tasking, but definitely not physically. If you’re single and ready to mingle, you’re going to have to stay trim, and what’s better than a personal trainer on your wrist? Not only will the Basis Peak track your sleep cycles (which you already know you get enough), it continually tracks your heart rate and activity. Much like a medium-rare New York Strip pairs with a nice Port (don’t take my word on that; I prefer fluorescent-colored fruit punch with my steak), this fitness tracker pairs up nicely with your Android or iPhone.

3. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

OK, so up to now, the list has been dedicated to productivity, but to get the most out of your work day you’ll need to decompress. Best thing about the salt shot glasses? You’ll only need lime to get your Patron on.

4. The Breathometer Mint

OK, so this in development at the moment, but this device syncs with your smartphone and gives you a quality reading regarding your breath and hydration. So, instead of the ole cup-your-hand-over-your-mouth-to-see-how-fresh-your-breath-is, you’ll just have to blow into this little disk.

5. Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap

Montblanc has a legacy of creating elegant, classic timepieces, but they also realize that embracing new technology is necessary to stay competitive. So, instead of creating a bulkier less refined timepiece, they opted to include a small screen on the bottom of their watch strap. It’s smart-enabled and can work with a large variety of the company’s watches.

6. Adidas Consortium Gore-Tex Tech Blazer

So, you’re young, and you like to cycle, run or workout during your lunch break. Sometimes you might run a bit late but still haven’t cooled down. That’s where the Adidas Consortium Gore-Tex Tech Blazer comes in. Not only is it waterproof, it also has a strategically placed underarm mesh that allows for ventilation. Added benefit? No discernable triple-stripe running down the sleeve.

7. Stirio 2 Hands-Free Stirrer

Who has time to cook as a young professional? OK, but you can’t eat out every night, can you? So, if you do end up cooking but don’t have time to sit above the pot and stir, the Stirio is the perfect solution. It stirs your pots, automatically.

8. Hard Graft 3Fold Multi-Use Bag

This is a modular bag that goes from laptop case to oversized portfolio to overnighter case. And it’s stunning; ‘nough said.

9. Bamboo Bottle

Those see-through bottles can get pretty nasty, and they’re impossible to clean. Well, the bamboo bottle solves this first-world problem. Simply unscrew the top and the bottom retainers, and pull out the glass insert; wash, rinse and repeat. Well, in the opposite order.

10. Samurai or Brass Knuckle Umbrella

You have to stay safe while you walk to the subway, and you need to stay safe in the subway; oh, and you need to stay safe while leaving the subway. Anyhow, you’ll look pretty intimidating carrying one of these two weapons like Rain Blockers.