Top 10 Benefits of Using Humour at Work

You know that a few laughs at the office are good for you, as it turns out, they’re also good for your career success. These are their positive effects…

It’s not always easy to succeed in the workplace. The competition is fierce, your boss’s expectations are often unreasonable and most of the time there’s soo much to do that you can barely stay afloat. But, if success is what’s on your mind then you definitely need to figure out new strategies so that you can have the career dreamt of.

One such strategy that you need to consider is employing humour at work. Though you may find it hard to believe, humour can actually have many benefits and it might just be the strategy that will help you stand out at work.

1. Humour Gets People to Listen

business people talking

Have you ever noticed that the serial jokers in the office get more attention than anyone else? Yes? Well, that’s why you need to start cracking jokes at work.

2. It Will Make You More Persuasive

No matter how crazy what you want to propose is, by employing humour you can get everyone to agree with you because humour distracts people from coming up with counterarguments.

3. It Will Make You More Likeable


The more popular you are at work the more chances you have of getting your way. And humour can increase your popularity so that’s another reason to give it a go.

4. It Minimises the Distance Between You and Your Boss

Relationships with bosses can be awkward. You spend every single day with that person; you share so much and yet just because they are above you on the pay scale there’s a distance between you and them which can severely hinder your chances of getting on friendly terms with them. But, using humour can help you minimise this distance as it makes people feel more comfortable.

5. It Diffuses Conflicts


Not having conflicts at work is impossible. It’s not only the fact that you spend so much time with your colleagues, but it’s also to do with the fact that you will often not see eye to eye on everything and this will result in arguments. And I’m sure that when this happens, you’ll have no interest in backing down. But, humour can actually help diffuse the situation without anyone backing down.

6. It Makes You More Focused

Did you know that using humour at work can do lots of great things for your intellectual capabilities as well? Humour releases a chemical called serotonin in your brain which increases your brain’s strength thus making you more focused.

7. It Will Make You More Motivated

motivated business people

Humour can make you feel more comfortable and like you are having fun which can also help make you feel more motivated at work.

8. It Reduces Stress

Stress is one of the most serious and common side-effects of having a full-time job. But, humour can help in this area as well as it helps reduce stress.

9. It Will Make You More Productive

productive business people laughing

Most employees seek a workplace that is fun because a fun workplace can help make people feel more at ease thus facilitating their productivity and this is precisely why you should be using humour at work.

10. It Enables Cooperation

Working with colleagues on a project is not always fun. But, if you and your colleagues decide to employ humour in your project, and your relationship, it will be easier to work with each other and get optimal results.

Humour at work can help you become a better employee but it can also help you have more fun at work so make sure that you start employing it in your day to day interactions at work.

Do you employ humour at work? Do you think it helps your career? Tell us below...