Top 10 Best Dressed Cabin Crew

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1. British Airways
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Designed by Julian MacDonald and launched in 2004, this classy uniform reflects British heritage with its fitted pinstripe suit, white shirt and union jack inspired neck tie. The hats were designed by Stephen Jones and introduced in 2011, with the start of the new mixed fleet operation. This look is one most revered by Cabin Crew as it brings some of the old airline glamour back.

The Cabin Crew uniform is extremely important in terms of corporate identity and many airline uniforms have become iconic. They are designed to be practical and look good as well as to inspire the passengers’ confidence in the airline and we have to be instantly recognizable. Of course wearing the uniform and keeping up with airline’s grooming standards are very much part of the Cabin Crew job.

In the 1930s the uniform was the same as a nurse and later reflected the austere times and had a military focus. It wasn’t until the late 1940s that the uniform became more feminine and glamorous and remained so until the 80s and 90s when the glamour of the uniform had long gone and it became utilitarian. From then on, milliners and designers have been often used to design uniforms and give that classic Cabin Crew look, a new inspired twist.

Nowadays, our uniforms are often inspired by heritage and history and the golden age of the airlines whilst some are fresh and modern and some just plain stylish. We’ve come a long way since the Pucci prints and the paper dresses of the 1960s, here we take a look at today’s ‘Top 10 Best Dressed Cabin Crew’.




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