Top 10 Best Jobs for Nurses Outside of Clinics

Becoming a nurse doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in a clinic or even in a hospital. Being a nurse is surprisingly diverse and opens a lot of opportunities to work in numerous medical fields and environments. Becoming a nurse can be quite expensive, however, as most positions require specialized training and even degrees of higher education to apply.

Here are the top ten nursing careers arranged by salary.

10. Pediatric Nurse - $70,000

In terms of environment, pediatric nurses have a pretty wide spread to choose from. You could work in the pediatric ward, a school medical office and more. You may be working with very young children who don’t know how to express pain or illness, so good skills with children are required. You must pass a certification exam in order to apply for most opportunities.

9. Geriatric Nurse - up to $75,000

You’ll help elderly patients with preventative and overall care. You may work in hospitals, private clinics, retirement homes, or even as a home health aide. The options are fairly wide in terms of environment. You must be a registered nurse in order to take the required certification exam.

8. Orthopedic Nurse - up to $85,000

You’ll help patients with movement disabilities and disorders, like broken bones and disabled patients. You can choose to practice in private clinics, in emergency rooms or even in physical rehab facilities. You’ll need two years of nursing experience in order to qualify for the required certification exam.

7. Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse - up to $90,000

You’ll help children suffering from diseases and disorders in their endocrine systems. You’ll help educate parents and provide care for kids suffering from diseases like adrenal insufficiency or PCOS. You’ll need a license and at least two years of nursing experience for most opportunities.

6. Clinical Nurse Specialist - up to $90,000

A nurse specialist can choose from over 15 sub-specialties that can take them to a wide variety of environments like private clinics or medical labs. You’ll be considered as a highly-trained member of your subspecialty, so you’ll need a Master’s or Science degree in nursing along with specialized training.

5. Nurse Researcher - up to $95,000

Most work in universities or labs rather than clinics. You’ll need a strong set of writing skills for this job, as you’ll most likely focus on publishing studies on products and practices in the medical field. You’ll need some form of higher education, though most opportunities will ask for a Master’s or higher.

4. Nurse Practitioner - up to $95,000

You’ll mostly see these positions in primary care, though there are certainly a wide variety of offices and fields that need nurse practitioners. You may even run your own clinic in the US, depending on what state you live in. Otherwise you’ll be working with a doctor.

3. Certified Midwife - up to $100,000

Midwives help deliver babies and provide healthcare to women (ranging from typical Well Woman exams and family-planning) while helping with pre- and post-natal care. You can work in a clinic if you choose, but the demand for at-home healthcare for women is on the rise in some countries.

2. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - up to $100,000

 Most psychiatric nurse practitioners take up work in a mental health facility, but they can also work in private clinics and correctional centers. Just like a nurse practitioner, depending on your country and state, you could open your own clinic or practice with a doctor. 

1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist - up to $160,000

The highest earning position in nursing is a nurse anesthetist--meaning you administer and monitor anesthesia in patients undergoing procedures. You’ll require certification and specialized training, and can work in a variety of offices and hospitals.


Image Source: Flickr