Top 10 Best Places to Work in London 2015

The nature of work has changed drastically. Gone are the days when work was production line-like drudgery. When you brought your brown-bag lunch, kept your head down, finished your work and went home only to do it all over again for the next 30 years. Today, employers are fiercely competing for top-of-the-class talent and they are going the extra mile to have the best company culture and the most attractive joint to hang out. For the Londoner who is looking for more than a decent employer, here are some of the most desirable places to work.

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1. Google

Google building

Are you an incompetent, average –IQ, strongly opinioned person with a high tolerance for laziness? You might qualify to be the next Googler. Not only do you get the freedom to work on your own projects, alongside company work; you also get to own company stock, get loads of free food, and receive a Nexus of your own to keep in touch with the on-goings in the real world outside of the dream-like London Googleplex. The famous mantra at Google ‘Don’t be evil’ is taken quite literally—your colleagues will not only be a bunch of ingenious geeks but they say ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ whenever necessary. Do not be mistaken, though, there is a lot of pressure to deliver results and to be on time, when you are working at the world’s best company.

2. Shazam

vc ru

Truth be told, there are very few times when you tell people where you work and they say, ‘Whoa, I love what your company does!” When you work at Shazam, a company that develops a music identification app, this kind of reaction is normal. There are a lot of challenging demands whether you are a creative services intern, product manager, or a java developer. According to the company, they will only consider you as a potential candidate if you are “a magician in your field.” The work environment is relaxed and open so if you are looking for structure, you might feel a little bit disillusioned. But, the compensation is stellar, work is rewarding and the best part—free catered lunches and sodas, and summer parties.

3. Peer1 Hosting

Peer1 hosting

When was the last time you sprang out of bed and genuinely screamed, “I love my job!”? The people who work at Peer1 Hosting report have this rare feeling of excitement about work each day. The kind of work they do is serious stuff; they are one of the world’s top hosting providers. What the company aims to do is provide a creative, fast-paced environment where tech geeks, admin gurus, and sales aficionados collaborate so effortlessly that they forget they are at work. In other words, the company realizes life is incredibly short for boring work, so the emphasis is on creating a fun environment that encourages hardcore results.

4. Cornerstone On Demand

cornerstone on demand

Are you looking for an employer that allows you to dive in and take risks? Not the kind of risk that entails petting a lion as you dangle meat from your teeth. We are talking about an employer that does not fence you in but instead lets you think outside the box as you solve real problems. Cornerstone On Demand might offer you that kind of opportunity and more. The company provides cloud-based employee training software. But it is not all work here; there are plenty of opportunities to play at work whether you are into yoga, karaoke, basketball, foosball or ping pong, there is space for this. Although the folks at Cornerstone On Demand do not tend to drink in the morning and they try to stay healthy, the fridge is stocked with beer, bagels and burgers.

5. Karmarama


Keine wixer bitte- No w*****s, please. These are the words that jump off the neon signs at Karmarama offices. As one of the largest, most sought-after independent communication agencies in the UK, Karmarama does not hire w*****s i.e. people who are not committed to their clients and are not producing the best work possible. The work environment is something out of a disco but as you boogie your way through work, there is plenty of pressure to produce serious results; after all, the company’s portfolio includes blue-chips clients including Honda, BBC, and JP Morgan.

6. Wieden+ Kennedy

Wieden and Kennedy

Work comes first. That’s the motto and Wieden+ Kennedy, a leading advertising agency. The company prides itself in having a culture of long-working hours and producing first-rate products for its clients. This is the place to be if you are looking to work with artistic weirdoes in a relaxed, colorful architecture. There is a shouty culture and your superiors may scream at you occasionally, but the passion to produce great designs is unbeatable here.

7. Goodman Masson

Goodman Masson

Does the b-word come to mind when you think of financial services recruitment? Banish those thoughts because Goodman Masson is far from being boring. How about a company that is so committed to your wellbeing that it helps you pay off your existing mortgage?  Seriously, which employer cares about how you pay your bills? This one does. As an employee, you are encouraged to save 20% of your basic salary for three years and the employer will top up 50% to your savings so you can clear off that mortgage. The company introduced the ‘There’s more to life than work’ program where you get one hour during the work day to chill out, do yoga, learn a new skill. And, oh, if you need to come to work late because you are dropping your kid to school, no problem.

8. Red Bull

Red Bull

When you land a job at Red Bull, do not be surprised if some people call you obnoxious and others admire your enviable connections with business, sports and showbiz celebrities. The workforce at Red Bull is young, sexy, witty and they know how to network with opinion leaders. It is not just about energy drinks here; for intelligent twenty somethings, Red Bull offers a great career starter where your creativity and individuality is valued. Yes, the hours are long but the reception area, which turns into a swanky bar at night, makes up for it all.

9. DMW Group

DMW group

One of the greatest turnoffs about consultancy work is the culture of long hours. In other words, you simply lack a life. But DMW Group, an IT consultancy company, is bringing sanity back to consultancy work by providing great work-life balance for its employees. Unlike other firms that ask you to jump on a plane to Timbuktu on assignment without giving any notice, DMW consults with its people about assignments outside of London. Employees do not have to worry about being fired when they decline unplanned trips. The best part, you can work from home, enjoy spa treatments, country walks and family-fun days all paid for by the company.

10. London Vision Clinic

London vision clinic

The thought of working in an eye surgery clinic is not particularly enthralling. What is it with the bright lights, sterile white walls, and mortifying silence? But, the London Vision Clinic knows just how to make work bearable. The staff enjoys weekly nights out and they regularly get the opportunity to enroll for professional conferences and seminars outside of London, if for nothing else but to escape the clinical environment. Not only do employees enjoy dental and health benefits, they all travel to Las Vegas for a weekend long holiday if they hit yearly targets.

Want to wake up thrilled about going to work every day? You do not need tons of experience, or an education from a prestigious university to work in these excellent companies. What these top employers are looking for is someone who is crazily passionate and committed to being top at their game.