Top 10 Best Universities for Engineers in Germany 2014

Germany is an outstanding study destination for engineering students. This country offers excellent educational possibilities with low tuition fees and great campus lifestyle. Engineering and medicine are two broad subjects that comprise of various specified subfields. The engineering institutes of Germany pack optimal infrastructure, outstanding curriculum, and research laboratories to lure students to an expat-friendly environment.

The following list of top 10 best engineering schools in Germany is compiled as per the rankings of QS and Zeit Online.

1. University of Heidelberg

University of Heidelberg consists of twelve faculties offering degree programs to over 16,512 students in 100 disciplines. Ranked 45th by QS, its engineering school is accredited by “German Federal Ministry of Education and Research” and “German Research Foundation” for providing cutting-edge educational facilities to future engineers. Notable alumni of this institute are Jean Paul, and Dmitri Mendeleev. Every student enrolled to this university pays $31,420 in tuition fees annually.

2. Freie University of Berlin

Freie University Berlin is ranked 87th by QS World University Rankings, and 102nd by Zeit Online. Presently, over 23,100 students are enrolled in its Bachelor’s in Engineering, Masters in Electrical Engineering, and Ph.D. in Technology and Intellectual Property programs—all paying $43,540 per year in tuition fees.

3. Technical University Munich

The School of Engineering at Technische Universitat Munchen comes in 53rd at QS. The school currently has 7,000 students enrolled, all of which pay $45,120 in tuition fees for their undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs. The university works in collaboration with MIT, and Georgia Tech.

4. Jacobs University Bremen

Jacobs University is the most outstanding privately run independent research institute of Germany. It combines the academic systems of America and Britain to form an environment with “trans-disciplinary” approaches between diverse disciplines and research areas. The engineering school of Jacobs University currently has 1340 students enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs. The annual tuition fees for all disciplines is $34,510.


5. School of Engineering, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

LMU is ranked 60th by QS. This school offers BSc in Information Technology, MSc in Internet Systems, MSc in Computer Security, and Ph.D. in Software Engineering to 13,212 students enrolled. Admission is roughly $1300.

6. Schiller International University

Schiller International University serves students from over 100 countries. It follows an American education system and classes are taught in English. The Admission rate is roughly 200 new students each year in two-year and four-year engineering courses. Their most famous courses are Management of Product Development (MPD), Embedded Systems Engineering (ESE), Information Engineering (IE), and Financial Engineering (FE). The Annual tuition fees are roughly $23,450/year.


7. Berlin Institute of Technology

Berlin Institute of Technology was founded in 1879. It is one of the largest technical institutes in Germany, with nearly 30,000 students. The institute is a member of the Top Industrial Managers for Europe network. Admission rates are roughly 500 new engineering students each year. Berlin has high average GPAs for admitted students. It costs $31,123 annually in tuition fees.


8. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Typically ranked very high on most lists, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences offers degree programs in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, computer sciences, and automotive systems. Admission rates are roughly 340 new students each year. The university costs $43,120 per year in tuition fees.

9. University Of Freiburg - Faculty Of Engineering

University of Freiburg is situated close to the borders of France and Switzerland. The Faculty of Engineering offers accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in engineering, and computer science. Founded in 1995, this faculty has an outstanding reputation across Germany. Admission rates are roughly 541 new students annually. The tuition fees are $31,210 per year.

10. Hector School of Engineering and Management, Karlsruhe

The software company SAP founded Hector School of Engineering and Management in September 2004. Typically ranked 15th on most lists. Programs include MSC in Computer Security, LLM in Technology ant the diploma in electrical engineering, among others. Admission rates are roughly 150 students each year. The institute costs around $31,120 per year in tuition fees for all degree programs.


Attending any one of these engineering institutes is guaranteed to provide the training and expertise you need to thrive as an expert.