Top 10 Best Universities in China for MBBS in 2014

China has a medical culture that dates back 5,000 years ago. China has been one of the first countries to establish deep knowledge of medical science, theory, therapies and diagnostic methods. The Chinese health care system is constantly improving, becoming even more accessible and affordable to the entire population.

Schools and colleges of higher education in China receive huge funds from the Ministry of Education. During 2013, the Government of China supported over 1500 institutions. Currently more than 100 National Key Universities are teaching medical courses at undergraduate and graduate level. The government spends around $10 million per year on the development of teaching hospitals, and improvement of medical curriculum as per the international standards. This has led us believe that China is one of the top destinations for MBBS students.

Forbes has listed the average starting salary of medical graduates at $50,000 per year, while PayScale lists a mid-career salary for an MBBS from China at around $32,000 per year.

The ranking shown below is taken from the QS World University Rankings, and all statistics are correct as per updated data sets:

1. Zhengzhou University


Zhengzhou University is ranked 32 by QS. Established in 1985, this university has 9 teaching hospitals. Acceptance rate is around 6.4%, and it has 12,120 enrolled students. The university offers MBBS in English.


2. Central South University

Central South University operates under the supervision of China’s Ministry of Education. Located in Changsha City, Hunan province, this university was founded in 2000. Ranked 12 by QS, the university’s acceptance rate is roughly 5.6%  and a population of 12,130 students. Other courses offered here include engineering, physical sciences, management, literature, law, economics, philosophy, education and history.


3. Shandong University

Shandong University was established in 1864 in Jinan City, Shandong province. Ranked 24 by QS, the acceptance rate is approximately 7.2% and the student population amounts to 32,120.


4. Peking Union Medical College

Founded in 1906, Peking Union Medical College is among the best medical institutions of China. It is ranked 21 by QS, and is renowned for being connected with over 12 teaching hospitals. Acceptance rate is roughly 5.1%, while the student population amounts to 12,421.


5. Fudan University

Fudan University is situated in the southern China. Established in 1897, this national university’s acceptance rate is 5.6%, with student population of  21,120. Its School of Medicine is ranked 24 by QS.


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6. Sun Yat-sen University

Sun Yat-sen University is situated in southern part of China. Ranked 34 by QS, this university was founded in 1886. Acceptance rate is approximately 8.4%, and student population of 23,334. Its College of Medical Science is oldest medical institution to teach western medicines.


7. Dalian Medical University

Dalian Medical University is situated in Dalian. Ranked 32 by QS, this university offers medical specializations in English language. Acceptance rate is round 4.5%, and total number of students is 21,320.


8. Tianjin Medical University

With lowest tuition fee of about $6620/year, Tianjin Medical University was founded in 1843. Ranked 54 by QS, this university’s acceptance rate is 4.7% while its student population amounts to 12,230.


9. Shenyang Pharmaceutical University

Shenyang Pharmaceutical University (SYPHU) is the only institute to provide world-class research facilities in pharmaceutical sciences. Founded in 1954, this university is ranked 43 by QS. Acceptance rate is around 6.7%, and has a population of 14,120 students. SYPHU is one of the most developed institutions of higher studies in the world.


10. Capital Medical University

Capital Medical University is located in Beijing. Established in 1960, this university ranks 65 by QS. Acceptance rate is approximately 8.2%, while the total amount of students is 15,430. It is renowned for high quality research facilities in departments of clinical medicines, basic medicines, neurosciences and ophthalmology.


If you are looking for the best medical university to attend this year in China, then the above institutions offer on-job training and sufficient opportunities to thrive your professional life.

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