Top 10 Bubbly Jobs for Baby Lovers

What fun it is when you carry them around, getting your shirts and skirts wet, talking to them in a language that neither of you understand, forgetting the world around you and enjoying the most innocent smiles ever. Yes, I am talking about spending quality time with babies. And who doesn’t like them?

How about a job, a career with them? Awesome isn’t it?

Here are 10 Jobs you will enjoy doing with these beloved and blessed ones.

1. Obstetrician

If this term is new to you, an obstetrician is a caregiver for pregnant women who also looks after her at the time of delivery. An obstetrician is a physician as well as a medical doctor. The role of an obstetrician involves many tasks besides helping in baby delivery. He/she will be the last person to interact with a mother before she goes to the gynaecologist and the baby goes to a paediatrician.

2. Sonographer

A Sonographer’s career is the ultimate choice for baby lovers. It involves dealing with babies at the very beginning of their lives. You will have the privilege and honor of helping mothers see their children even before they are born.

Sonography is a huge field with many roles. If focusing on children is your priority, then you must choose to be an obstetric sonographer. However, this is a serious job as you may have to detect problems associated with pregnancy or with fetus. The opportunity to preserve the health of a child is yet another rewarding part of this career.

3. Paediatrician

This is a role that takes over the next stage of a baby’s life. You may have to use your professional abilities to evaluate and diagnose health issues and the general well-being of the baby. As the baby develops and grows, a paediatrician has the opportunity to experience many joys along with its parents. Imagine doing this all your life, as a true baby lover!

4. Nurse

Nurses simply have many ways to get involved with babies. While ordinary nurses serve people of all ages including babies, there are midwife nurses and obstetric nurses who are specialized in full-time baby care.

5. Midwife

There are other people apart from the usual nurses, doctors and others in the medical profession, who deal with babies on a consistent basis. If you like to take up one of these alternative careers, you may consider a doula or a midwife.

In most cases, midwives assist women in delivering of their own. And a doula is a certified birth assistant who helps women through her pregnancy and delivery under a physician’s care.

6. Nanny

A nanny’s responsibilities include taking care of one or more babies or children in their own homes. Cooking and feeding them, bathing, accompanying them to and from school or nursery programs and taking them to the doctor (when required), are all part of their job. There are few nannies who also take care of housekeeping. You could be a live-in caretaker or a part time worker.

7. Infant teacher

Infant teachers help growth and development in children by educating them until they are three years old. They typically belong to the teaching group and may also take the role of Teacher aides or assistants. The role of an infant teacher is the next step after nannies and childcare activities.

8. Daycare worker

What does a daycare worker mean? It’s simple. Anybody who takes care of a child during the day, other than its legal guardians and someone who is outside the baby’s immediate family members, can be called a daycare worker. A daycare worker is different from nanny because the former takes care of many children in a common institute like crèche. They neither do cooking nor housekeeping but spend all their time in keeping children occupied.

9. Newborn specialist

Their role is more like the role of a baby nurse. They typically help parents after the baby is brought home. Newborn specialists may help in bathing, feeding, changing diapers, breast feeding and more. They may also help in sleep training and other things a little one has to learn.

10. Baby photographer

This is yet another challenging but rewarding career. All parents and guardians love taking professional pictures of their little ones. A baby photographer usually travels to the baby’s house or other specific places he is called upon. Sometimes, parents may visit his studio for a snap. A baby photographer must have special skills as getting the best baby expressions is never easy.

So that’s the list of the top 10 career options for baby lovers. What’s your choice? Write your opinion in the comment section below.