Top 10 Career Fields With the Most Available Job Vacancies

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This coming year is looking like the ideal time to look for a job in anything related to sales, the health industry, or computer technology.

According to research done by CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI), there are nearly 3 million open job positions in the U.S. workforce.

However, only 10 professions are leading the way when it comes to the number of job vacancies that are available.

Here is a review and brief description of the career fields that currently have the most job openings:

1. Sales Manager


Job Openings: 6,309

Average Hourly Pay: $51.98

Sales Managers typically have a bachelor’s degree and previous work experience as a sales representative. As a director of a sale’s team, they are in charge of analyzing data, training sales representatives, and producing sales goals for their department. Travel is sometimes necessary in this type of job.

2. Speech Pathologist


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Job Openings: 8,001

Average Hourly Pay: $34.00 

Speech pathologists or speech therapists assist with communication disorders.  They help to diagnose and treat those who may be suffering with a speech problem caused by a number of conditions, including a stroke, cleft palate, lisp, or brain injury. These experts tend to have their master’s degree and some sort of license depending on their state residency.

3. Physical Therapist


Job Openings: 13,545

Average Hourly Pay: $38.63

This profession involves rehabilitating physically injured or ill people. Physical Therapists are the doctors that help people recover from pain and improve joint movement. These specialists tend to have their Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and must possess a license. Most can find work in a hospital, elderly home, or private clinic.

4. Medical/Health Service Manager

Job Openings: 15,070

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Average Hourly Pay: $43.61

A bachelor’s degree is required for this field. As a Medical or Health Service Manager, you will be expected to coordinate and manage medical services. You will also have to be consistently knowledgeable about new healthcare laws. This includes any work pertaining to a clinic, facility, medical practice, or specific department.

5. Web Developer


Job Openings: 15,492

Average Hourly Pay: $28.02

A Web Developer is expected to be exceptionally skilled in graphic design. This profession involves managing the technical and performance side of a website. At times the Web Developer may find his or herself creating content for the site as well. An associate’s degree in programming and design is all that’s needed to qualify for this career path.

6. Network/Computer System Administrator

Job Openings: $17,054

Average Hourly Pay: $35.84

Network and Computer System Administrators tend to be employed in many different industries. Their job usually consists of operating the physical part of a computer network with an organization. While many do have bachelor’s degrees, there are employers who accept certification from a collage or trade school.

7. Industrial Engineer


Job Openings: 18,151

Average Hourly Pay: $38.96

This job is usually done both in-office and in an observation setting. Industrial Engineers are expected to find efficient alternatives that help to diminish or eliminate wastefulness during a production process. Usually they evaluate problems by monitoring workers as they complete tasks or by reviewing data. While most Industrial Engineers earn their bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering technology, some have experience in mechanical or general engineering.

8. Registered Nurse


Job Openings: 19,118

Average Hourly Pay: $32.51

Most Registered Nurses (RNs) are licensed. However, some carry an associate’s degree, bachelors, or some sort of diploma. A RN provides patient care when needed. Some work in hospitals and the home healthcare field while others take on jobs at public school or in the military.

9. Software Developer Applications


Job Openings: 21,084

Average Hourly Pay: $44.66

Unlike Web Developers, Software Developers (also known as software publishers) are the brains behind the applications used on a computer and other electronic devices. In order to succeed in this field, you need a bachelor’s in computer science and knowledge in computer programming.

10. Marketing Manager


Job Openings: 22,996

Average Hourly Pay: $57.42

Marketing Managers normally work in advertisement or promotions. With the help of sales agents, art directors, and financial administrators, they form proposals that will gain the most interest for products and services. Marketing Managers are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in advertising or marketing.

Marketing Manager positions seem to be in high-demand in comparison to other listed job opportunities.

Not only does it have the highest average pay, but it also has a lot of job openings. 

Yet, if that doesn’t work out for you, being a registered nurse or software developer are always your next best options.


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