Top 10 Careers for People with a Death Wish

Sure, there are thousands of ways to die. And one of these ways is to get a typical office job, where you sit behind a computer all day. From day one, you will embark on a relentless lifelong process of destroying your cardiovascular and skeletal system. A boring way to die, no?

But there are some careers that can kill you real quick. They don’t use the long, cowardly route. When they deliver death, they almost always do in an instant.

So if you think you are the ultimate daredevil, here are the jobs that will bring you face to face with your death wish real soon:

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1. Crocodile Wrestler/Hunter

It is good to be an energetic person with some serious muscles. You could be a professional boxer or a bodybuilder model. But now that you have a death wish, you should become a crocodile wrestler. A typical contest begins with capturing the reptile as it swims underwater, dragging it to the ground and sitting on it, much to the joy of your spectator. If you make a wrong move, like inserting your head into its mouth for too long… well, stories of people escaping the grip of a crocodile’s jaws are incredibly rare.

2. Bomb Technician

Bomb Technician

From movies, we know the capacity of bombs to rip buildings (everything actually) apart. However, undergoing years of training as a bomb technician equips you with the skills to disarm before they go off. Even though you will wear special clothing to protect you when things go south, don’t be fooled. A bomb can explode without warning or you may not have enough time to shut it. If this happens, chances are you will be blown to pieces, and you will finally have the opportunity to say ‘hello’ to your death wish.

3. Fighter Jet Pilot

Fighter Jet Pilot

Drone warfare. Today, a country can drop a bomb in an enemy territory from thousands of miles away at the command of a click. But drones don’t engage in air to air combat. Fighter jets do. If you have a death wish, then being a fighter jet pilot is a job you should crave. Although only the elite pilots are selected to steer these jets, you are still very vulnerable to missiles from enemy combatants and, potentially, a sudden death.

4. Stunt Performer

stunt perforner

Stunt performers do all sorts of weird and risky things from running through fire to crashing cars at ludicrously high speeds and falling down from tall buildings. Although safety measures are usually put in place, you can never be too safe. There is just plenty of room to make a mistake and die.

5. Astronaut

Astronauts go to places other people only dream of. They go to the moon, and some even have the courage (audacity) to stay in space for a year. Before leaving for space, it is only fair that you have a death wish, as rockets have previously crashed on their way to space and killed the astronauts that were on board.

6. Deep Sea Diver

Deep sea divers, especially those who work as shark photographers, literally come within inches of a bloody death. It is no secret human beings feature prominently on sharks’ hunting menu. Find it when hungry and it will not hesitate to pump its razor-sharp teeth into your skull. Diving hundreds of miles below sea level also has other dangers. Heard of underwater storms and deep see currents? Let’s see if you get out of those alive.

7. Navy Seal

We know navy seals killed the then most wanted man, Osama bin Laden. But do you know how many missions end up in disaster and never reach the media? Seals are elite soldiers. They are masters of surprise attacks. In war, however, you would be naïve to underestimate your enemy. Even a stray bullet can take you to your grave.

8. Power Lineman

power lineman
Travis Air Force Base

According to the Bonneville Power Administration, high-voltage power lines carry between 69,000 and 500,000 volts of electricity. A typical home socket has just 120 volts – enough to kill a person. Now, imagine being a power lineman in charge of repairing high voltage transmission lines. If you get the wiring wrong, I suspect the electricity will fry you.

9. Window Washer

Window washers have a head for heights. Aboard special equipment, they wash the windows and glass walls of skyscrapers, like the recently reopened World Trade Center. If you are window washing without a death wish, you are better off with one. Because when the equipment malfunctions, chances are you will fall several stories to your death.

10. Investigative Journalist

Investigative journalism is indeed the true calling. Only a person with a death wish can go capturing stories in ISIS-invested countries like Iraq and Syria. If you don’t get caught up in the war, the militants may capture you and demand insane amounts of money from your folks or government. Unfortunately, many governments don’t negotiate with terrorists, and we will wake up to a ghastly video of your demise.

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