Top 10 Careers for The Overseer

Top 10 Careers for The Overseer

If you’ve ever taken a Myers-Briggs personality test, you know that there are several different types of personalities and combinations in the world. If you’ve ever landed the ESTJ personality, or the overseer, you’re known as a person who prefers logic over emotion; you’re energized by time with people and you prefer to handle situations in a structured way. ESTJs often make wonderful supervisors for these reasons.

ESTJs are usually very extraverted, sensible, thoughtful and judgemental (not necessarily in a negative way).  

If you’ve found yourself to be an ESTJ, considering the top ten overseer career choices.

10. Accountant

Because the ESTJ is typically a very factual person who prefers working in real numbers and data, becoming an accountant is a good fit for the overseer. Overseers prefer to work with proven methods, meaning experimentation isn’t a common occurrence--and it probably shouldn’t be when it comes to your finances.

 9. Teacher

Handling situations with a cool, logical head can be a real challenge, but the overseer was born to live life this way. As a teacher, even the most annoying hooligan won’t shake you--meaning you deliver a quality education with proven leadership skills in the classroom.

8. Writer

Your attention to detail makes being a writer an excellent choice. Writers often look for rules and standards to be met, which makes the industry perfect for the searching overseer.

7. Judge

Your persistence in following the rules (or the law, in this case), makes you an ideal judge in any courtroom. Through your logical and factual thinking, you provide unbiased verdicts and ensuring that justice is upheld and served.

6. Librarian

Your need for organization and order makes the library a perfect environment for you; you keep readers in line by ensuring that the library is a sacred place of silent study and reading. You put your important tasks before leisure.

5. Editor

Like writers, your attention to detail makes you an outstanding editor; you’ve got a sharp eye for mistakes and have the tact to deliver criticism productively and swiftly. You get work done and keep writers in line and up to standards while meeting your own deadlines.

4. Detective

Your need for protocol and structure makes you perfect for law enforcement; especially when it comes to solving crimes. Your logical, factual, evidence-needing brain is hungry for the challenge of solving mysteries.

3. Manager

Obviously, the overseer is a manager in their personal lives, so becoming one professionally isn’t a far stretch. You’re well equipped to lay down ground rules and make sure that employees follow them to a T; you seek respect and desire an obvious and structured hierarchy (preferably with you on top).

2. Technical Specialist

Your logical brain makes tech support and programming as simple as can be; you’re efficient in getting work done and making sure it meets the proper standards. 

1. Nurse

In perhaps one career where logic and cool heads matter most, overseers make excellent nurses; you’ll be a star performer among your peers as you handle critical situations with ease and control, and managing and monitoring the health of your patients is like taking candy from a baby.