Top 10 Careers for the Persuader

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An individual with skilled abilities in the art of persuasion can find success in specific careers. These people can utilize effective communication skills and have a keen sense of discernment of others in order to succeed in their career. This article will discuss the top 10 careers for the persuader.

1. Salesperson

A salesperson is an individual who sells a product or service in exchange of money for payment. A commission is usually received as compensation for the salesperson’s work. A sales situation also often involves the initiation of a professional relationship between the customer and the vendor. Salespeople need to utilize the art of persuasion while maintaining a balance of not over-selling and yet only speaking to the customer’s needs.

2. Marketing Consultant

A marketing consultant is generally hired by a company or individual who needs assistance with implementing marketing strategies. These consultants tailor the marketing strategy to fit the specific core business, services and products that are offered to consumers and clients. Persuasion skills are also needed in this profession so that the correct message is given to the consumer which will cause them to purchase products or services.

3. Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a special individual who knows how to take risks and follow dreams. This person creates a new business or enters into a business opportunity. There are financial risks involved, but this endeavor can bring in great rewards. An entrepreneur needs to know how to persuade others to join in the business venture or purchase the products and services being sold.

4. Author / Writer

An author or freelance writer is an individual who also uses the art of persuasion. An author creates characters in a book and uses vivid word pictures, prose and dialogue to persuade the reader to join in the story and read the character’s journey. A freelance writer also persuades through doing research to aid in writing helpful and relevant articles on specific topics.

5. Literary Agent

A literary agent represents an author and works to obtain a publishing contract for their client. Such an individual needs to be persuasive and know how to properly represent and showcase their client to various publishers in the industry.

6. Coach

A coach can work in the sports field or as a mentor for personal growth and development. A coach for a sports team needs to provide guidance and positive motivation for the players to succeed and win the game. A professional development coach also needs to be a persuasive individual because this person must convince clients that they can succeed.

7. Lobbyist

A lobbyist is an individual who works in the political world to attempt to influence the decisions made by government officials and politicians. Most of the individuals they attempt to influence work in regulatory agencies. Successful lobbyists are individuals who know how to utilize effective persuasive techniques.

8. Politician

A politician is a local, state or federal official who is involved in decision-making and influencing public policy. These individuals communicate with the public through speeches and speaking engagements as well as interact with fellow politicians. They need to communicate well, speak to specific needs and persuade others to consider their point of view on certain issues.

9. Lawyer

A lawyer is an individual who acts as a counselor in legal matters and represents either a plaintiff or a defendant in a court of law. These individuals need to practice the art of persuasion a well as it pertains to disseminating the facts of the case in a manner that paints their client in the best light.

10. Professor

A professor teaches students at a college or university campus on a specific field of study. Professors, who have taught for a set amount of time, receive tenure and cannot be fired for unjust cause. These individuals need to utilize persuasive tactics to motivate the students to pay attention in class and learn the materials.

For those individuals working in one of the careers listed in this article, they can be more successful by honing their skills of persuasion. They must continually have their end goal in sight and for those with clients or customers, to always keep their goal in mind.