Top 10 Careers That Can Land You in a War Zone

Everyone wishes to have a fulfilling and successful career. For most people, working in an office behind a desk is what they dream of. Others don’t mind the environment and can endure rough working conditions. For instance, if you want to be a soldier, you know that working in the battlefield is part of your job description. There are still many other satisfying jobs but with the dangers of landing you in a war zone. Below are some careers that may put you in the middle of a war.



1. Military Soldier

military soldiers

A career as a military soldier is at the epicenter of a war zone. Since a soldier is called upon to protect his/her country or is assigned duties in other countries to restore calm, the job will always be dangerous. A military soldier becomes used to working under tense situations and locations. The duty of a military soldier is to secure the borders of their country. They are also deployed to restore peace in warring places. On the other hand, governments use soldiers for their gains in wars.

2. Journalist

military jurnalists
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A journalist or a war correspondent chases news stories and is entitled with the responsibility of informing the public of current events. Reporters travel to countries on the brink of war to get an insight into what is happening. Journalists have been kidnapped or killed in the middle of a war. In other cases, news reporters have lost their lives while investigating or gathering stories in war zones.

3. Medical Practitioner


Doctors and nurses are normally called to accompany soldiers to war-prone areas. Treatment service is a necessity, and medical practitioners are needed especially in war and disease-prone countries. Doctors and nurses offering medical assistance to soldiers often find themselves in a war zone. In the process of treating soldiers, their base may be attacked or they may be called to treat soldiers in the battlefield. They also offer medical services to affected citizens.

4. Civilian Contractor

A private contractor is someone who is called upon to offer services such as cooking, laundry, truck driving, and repairs. Since soldiers are normally under constant threat of an attack, they need people to help them in their chores and provide some services. Civilian contractors find themselves in a war zone for the most of their careers. Other contractors pick up armor and aid soldiers to fight a war in circumstances where there are no immediate reinforcements.

5. Flight Attendant

A flight attendant’s career involves a lot of travelling to various countries around the globe. They spend a few days accommodating before travelling again. A war can break out while a flight attendant is taking a few days off from their travel in a foreign city. Alternatively, airplanes at times make emergency landings in war-prone areas in fear of being shot down.

6. Peace Corps Volunteer

Just as the name suggests, a person indulging in such a career seeks to make a difference wherever they are assigned. A Peace Corps volunteer assignment is normally in a country that is experiencing troubles and its citizens require help. With volunteering, experience is essential and working in war zones is a great way of gaining that.

7. Cruise Line Worker

Cruise Line Staff
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War zones usually spread to the waters. Working as a cruise ship attendant and travelling across borders, you are bound to find yourself in the middle of a war zone. In extreme cases, warlords take over ships and cruises that they perceive to be in their waters. In other instances, cruise line workers can land in war zones when accompanying the Navy to conflict zones.

8. Aid Worker

International aid organizations aim to make a difference in people’s lives. A humanitarian aid worker – for instance, an agent from USAid or UK-AID – can be assigned to travel to a war-prone city to help children and women get necessities. In the middle of providing services, a civil war may occur. It is common to spot Red Cross personnel in war zones providing relief aid like food, clothing and shelter.

9. Field Service Engineer

Field service engineers are travelling customer service agents. They move from one city or country to another to either install or repair a product for their customers. The travelling is intense, especially when employed in a company with international clients. A field service engineer can land in a war zone when travelling for work. Additionally, military camps at times require engineers to come in and repair their systems and machines.

10. Consultant


Organizations hire consultants to solve particular problems. Due to the specificity of a consultant’s knowledge, his/her clientele is spread globally. A client in a war-prone city or country may need a consultant’s services. Regular traveling to the city can land consultants in a war zone. Aside from companies requiring experts, governments in conflicted nations may also need consultants to advise and play a peacekeeping role.

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War or no war, your passion determines the career path you want to follow. However, some careers call for utter determination, courage and dedication, especially when you know that there are chances that you might die in the line of your duty. Please note that not all of the careers named above guarantee to land you in a war zone.