Top 10 Careers Where You Can Get a Concussion

A concussion – a type of head injury – is one of the deadliest occupational injuries you can get. Typically caused by faulty equipment, driving accidents, falling objects, slips and falls, concussed people often experience confusion, blurred vision and loss of equilibrium.

Although occupational health and safety agencies have developed safety standards in a bid to reduce or eliminate concussions, in some professions you can just never be safe.

So here are the 10 careers you are most likely to get a concussion:

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1. Construction Worker

construction workers concussion

Construction workers are the skilled tradesmen or laborers who do the hard work in construction projects. They use hand tools to break up concrete or rocks and work at heights performing other construction activities. They are thus susceptible to trips, falls, and falling objects, all which can result in dangerous concussions.

2. Fire Fighter

fire fighter

It takes a brave soul to become a firefighter. Imagine fighting a fire inside a building. The fire overwhelms the building and falling concrete hits your head. Although you will be wearing a hardhat, you are highly likely to get a concussion.

3. Mining Workers


Just like construction workers and firefighters, mining workers also face the risk being hit by falling objects. If you are a miner, and a falling or flying rock lands on your head, the chances of being concussed are high.

4. Soccer Player

Football players

Soccer is a popular game with passionate fans all around the world. As the soccer players battle for the ball, they throw themselves into the dangerous world of concussions. I mean, who heads a ball flying at 100kmph and gets away with it? Of, course, many players get away it, but the danger still lurks.

5. Race Car Driver

race car
Motor Heads

Race cars can reach a top speed of 233mph (375kmph). The average car driver gets goose bumps upon hitting 150kmph. But that is nothing to race car drivers. To compete and win a race, nothing short of a legendary 360kmh will do. And that is where disaster looms. If the car crashes on the race track, a concussion (at the very least) is inevitable.

6. Dockworker


Dockworkers work in shipping ports, where they load and unload cargo to and from ships. Ships are tall, so dockworkers can fall and suffer a concussion.

7. Boxer

The Players Tribune

In boxing, whether amateur or professional, you need to be in good physical and mental shape to withstand the painful punches. If you are not good at blocking the punches, and good ones land on your head, you could suffer a concussion.

8. Theme Park Attendant

Theme Park

Theme park attendants set up, operate and repair theme park rides and other pieces of equipment that twist, flip or spin the fun-loving kids. The job is all fun, until a faulty or mishandled piece of equipment knocks your head and gets you concussed.

9. Bullfighter

bull fighter

As their name suggests, bull fighters fight bulls. They face off in an arena, where the bullfighter strives to maneuver the bull into a position to kill it with a sword or estocada. Now, before that happens, the bull has the potential to deliver a weighty blow on the fighter’s head, which could lead to a concussion.

10. Police Officer

police officer

Police officers keep the peace, enforce the law, investigate crimes and protect people and property. Their work involves regular encounters with criminals, whom they are supposed to apprehend. When criminals resist arrest, a scuffle may ensue and result in the officer being hit on the head. Police car accidents are also a major cause of concussions among the police.

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If you want to pursue any of these careers, beware you’re heading for trouble! If you are already in the profession, be sure to strictly adhere to occupational safety standards. Remember, it doesn’t even have to be a substantial hit to cause a concussion. Many slight hits spread over a lengthy period are equally dangerous. So seek medical advice as soon as you are hit.

Have you ever been concussed while working? Did it have an effect on your career?