Top 10 Chris Brown Career Moments

Chris Brown onsecrethunt

Chris Brown, where do we start with this guy?

Mention his name and you’ll find opinions from all sides of the spectrum. We’re not here to judge him, though. We’re here to educate you on some of his career moments. What we can all agree on is that he’s the type of man who has experienced a huge number of highs and lows.

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In this article, we’re going to zone in on the highs and lows of Chris Brown’s career.

1. ‘Run It!’ Hits Number One

In November 2005, Chris Brown’s debut single ‘Run it!’ hit the number one spot. He managed to compete with Usher, as well as other major competitors of that time. His singing and dancing skills demonstrated that he undoubtedly belonged in this industry.

2. Chris Brown Performs at MTV’s VMA Awards

Chris Brown’s dancing skills earned him a place on the bill at the MTV VMA awards. In September 2007, he burst onto the stage in a three-piece suit and danced in a way that was akin to the late great Michael Jackson. In fact, he even performed a mini tribute to the man himself.

3. Chris Brown Assaults Rihanna

It quickly went downhill in February 2009, when it emerged that Chris Brown had violently beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna. She went to the hospital with obvious signs of wounding and Brown turned himself in to the Los Angeles Police Department.

This would go on to define his career, the same way it continues to do today.

4. Graffiti Becomes Chris Brown’s Worst Selling Album

‘Graffiti’ was his third and worst studio album. The critics destroyed his music and the public didn’t respond to it. It quickly descended into a sham when he criticized many stores for refusing to make his album available.

5. Tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards

The public began to warm to him again when he performed a tribute to his deceased hero Michael Jackson at the 2010 BET awards. His most famous moment was when he choked up and cried as he attempted to sing Man in the Mirror. People saw who the real Chris Brown was for the first time.

6. Good Morning America Meltdown

During the promotional rounds running up to ‘F.A.M.E’, his fourth studio album, in March 2011, he blew up on Good Morning America. When he was questioned about the on-going Rihanna situation, he blew up and smashed a window with a chair. He then moved on to walk out of his scheduled performance.

7. F.A.M.E Earns a Grammy

‘F.A.M.E’ became a massive success and brought Chris Brown’s career back to life. It became his first number one album and earned him a Grammy later that year.

8. Chris Brown Fights with Drake in NYC

In June 2012, he brawled with fellow rapper Drake in a crowded New York club over Rihanna. This left the VIP section covered in broken mirrors and tables. It took them a couple of years before they finally patched things up.

9. Chris Brown Arrested for Felony Assault

Chris Brown was arrested for felony assault when he allegedly assaulted two men who tried to photobomb a picture he was taking with two women; one man ended up with a broken nose. This led to him entering rehab, which he was then kicked out of.

10. Serving Time in Jail

In March 2014, Chris Brown served time in jail. He received 365 days in jail, but would only go on to serve 108 days. His hit song ‘Loyal’ hit number one during his incarceration, which the guards promptly played each time he had visitors. For many, this made up for everything he’d ever done!

Whether you are a Chris Brown fan or critic, you have to admit that he has had plenty of career moments so far. Now it’s up to you to decide whether these moments were good, or whether they were bad.

Are you a Chris Brown fan? Do you think he can still bring his career back to life? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.