Top 10 Cities That Could Be Hazardous To Your Health

There are locations that since their inception have been the most cursed places in the world, like, wait that’s the happiest place in the world, I’m going to have to rewrite this entire article now. Never mind, here are some places around the world that are much more murdery than your average stretch of land.  

1. Oklahoma City/Tulsa, Oklahoma

Known as Tornado Corridor due to the unbelievable amount of tornados that ravage this location, it has never gone for more than two years without being decimated by tornados and their adverse weather effects. In a period of 44 years 69 tornados ripped through this area.

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Although known by the moniker “The City of Brotherly Love” in recent years it has become famous for a whopping 22 murders per 100.000 people. Hasn’t anybody told the Philadelphiaties that stabbing isn’t very brotherly?

3. Cape Town, South Africa

Our third entry on the list is a bit of a paradox, because although it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, its visits rival its crime rate. Notorious for muggings, it is particularly dangerous during the evening hours. I definitely wouldn’t recommend as a honeymoon destination unless you want an all too exciting story for your grandchildren.

4. The Grand Cayman Islands

The Grand Cayman Islands are located about 150 miles from Cuba and is another popular yet dangerous tourist destination for very different reasons than Cape Town though. The Grand Cayman Islands are known as Hurricane Capital, as it gets hit more frequently than any other location in the Atlantic basin. If you’re visiting you might want to pack your galoshes.

5. Agbogbloshie, Ghana

Due to the constant burning of electronics to salvage the copper and other semi-precious materials Agbogbloshie, Ghana is considered one of the most polluted populated locations in the World

6. Norilsk, Russia

Annually this region located in the far north of Russia pumps out an astounding 500 tons of nickel and copper oxides and 2 Million cubic tons of Sulfur Oxide. Just to make sure it has nothing but a bad reputation, Norilsk extensive mining operations served as a central point to the Gulag labor camps.

7. Dzerzhinsk, Russia

The Guinness Book of World Records has named Dzerhinsk one of ‘Most Polluted Cities on the Planet”. Dzerzhinsk’s pollution is primarily a result of refuse from the chemical weapons industry that luckily isn’t active anymore

8. Citarum River, Indonesia

The Citarum River is one of the Most Polluted Rivers in the World and tragically the five million people that live around it depend on it as their water source. The main contributor to the pollution of Citarum River are the many textile industries located along the banks, that dispose of their industrial waste in the river’s waters.

9. Chernobyl, Ukraine

Sadly no list speaking about hazardous locations to live could omit the location of the most destructive nuclear disaster in recent years. Although Chernobyl is surrounded by a 30 km buffer zone the reactor is still leaking radiation to this day and radioactive particles can be found in the area surrounding the city, with the danger of them seeping into the crops used for food in the proximate inhabited regions.

10. Kalimantan, Borneo Island

Kalimantan is located in the portion of Indonesian Borneo and its primary industry is artisanal gold mining. They use a mixture of heated mercury to extract the gold from its ore resulting in mercury vaporizing and making into the food chain usually through aquatic life which is especially susceptible to the toxin. Oh and on an island what do you think is the main staple of their cuisine? You guessed it, fish.

Could you hack working in any of these countries mentioned if the price was right? For most people, no matter how appealing a salary is, the location is likely to have a huge influence on their deicision to take the job. Would you take your dream job if it was located in one of these places? If you have any other locations you believe should be added to this list, comment below!