Top 10 College Goals that Will Help You Get a Dream Job

student with goals

Attending college should be a life changing experience that prepares you both personally and professionally for the rest of your life. The choices you make regarding whether or not you spend your time wisely in college is up to you. In all reality, many facets of your future will occur as a direct result of what you did with your time in college. Are you preparing for that dream job? Are you making wise decisions? This article will share 10 basic goals that will get you on the right pathway so that you can find your dream career.

1. Understand Your “Why”

If you have no clue why you’re attending college, you need to get informed. Simply attending college because your parents said so or because you think it is the norm in society, won’t allow you to take the most advantage of your experience there. You first need to actually understand your own “why” explaining your enrollment. Many students begin their college experience without truly understanding the power that it has over their future—either positive or negative. Once you understand why you want to be in college and what you hope to achieve, you are then on your way toward finding your dream job.

2. Visualize and Achieve  

When your “why” is deeply cemented in your mind, you can begin working on the second goal of visualizing in order to achieve. Basically, become your own best friend and encourager. Visualize what you want to receive out of your college experience. Don’t allow pessimism to invade your daily thoughts. Picture your idyllic college experience and work to make it happen. This is not all about positive thinking. It also involves diligence to do the necessary hard work that will enable you to get an education and then find your dream job.

3. Become a Goal Setter

Goal setting will be a key factor in your future career success as well. If you can learn the art of mastering goal setting and achieving, you are well on your way toward finding success in life. Writing down your goals in a journal or keeping them in a digital file is important. You need a physical reminder that you can check back with daily. Writing down your goals also holds you accountable. You can even go a step further and seek out a trusted accountability partner, whether a roommate, friend, professor or guidance counselor. Write out your immediate, short-term and long-term goals.

4. Learn Time Management

Time management skills will be necessary throughout your personal and professional life as well. This goal of learning time management can be achieved during the college years and the knowledge carried over into your future dream job. You need to dedicate specific time for classes, various lectures, completing homework, volunteering on committees, playing on team sports and hanging out with friends. If you can master the appropriate delegation of time for each area, you have learned time management skills.

5. Become an Early Riser

This goal will not be an exciting one for everyone; especially not the night owls like me. However, getting an early start each day can help you accomplish more tasks. If you are more of a night owl and work better in the later hours, that is fine too. However, you need to start preparing for rising early to get to a full time job. Make it a goal to add exercise and eating a healthy breakfast to your morning. See the value in writing out a to-do list the night before to help you stay on track with completing daily goals. Cultivating this “early riser” mentality will help you to be more focused and ready to attack the day in a positive way at your future dream job.

6. Pay Attention in Class

Not every class subject will be riveting and hold your attention. However, it is important to have a goal to pay attention in class. You need to know what is going on, get a clear understanding of the material being taught and ascertain when you are having difficulty and need assistance. If you plan to pay attention from the first day forward, you will increase your chances of absorbing the material that is taught and decrease your chances of wasting time. This goal will teach you and prepare the way for learning new skillsets in the workplace.

7. Hone Your Memory Skills

This goal correlates to the previous one regarding paying attention in class. If you hone your memory skills, you will increase your chances of information absorption and do better on exams and applying the knowledge into real life situations at your future job. Steve Pavlina is a personal development specialist and he utilized the “advanced memory technique” while he studied in college. For example, he would memorize facts or formulas while the professor wrote them on the blackboard and explained the data. This way, Mr. Pavlina would have it memorized in that moment and then would need to study it later on, with an easier time for recall. Memory skills are important to hone and will benefit you in your future job.

8. Get Involved on Campus

Understanding people is a valuable asset to bring to the workplace. If you spend all your time in your dorm room studying and never entering the real world for a chance to experience new things, you won’t learn how to understand people. Get involved on campus and join a club or sports team. Begin to become a people watcher and studier. Understand the differing personalities that people have and you will become a better communicator.

9. Start a Career Portfolio

This goal is important for those students who are seriously career-minded. You need to get informed on how to build your own career portfolio which can then be utilized during your dream job search. This article provides helpful suggestions on how to create a career portfolio.  

10. Remember to Have Fun

In this final goal, find the balance between having fun and having too much fun and not getting any studying done. When you can find that happy medium, you will benefit from a venue to decompress and relieve the stresses of campus life. Learning how to add fun into your life is a priceless resource which can then be transferred into your future career path.

When you learn to see your college experience as a stepping stone to your professional career, you will be more prepared to find that dream job. Following the 10 basic goals outlined in this article will increase your chances of success in finding the job you will love.