Top 10 Companies to Work For in Russia

Russia istock

Russia has a significant reserve of employment resources waiting to be grabbed. Its higher education institutes have continued to attract thousands of IT graduates and engineers. There are several regions surrounding the Moscow area with big demand for a variety of talents. Hiring processes among both local and international recruiting agencies have always been richly active.

If you have set your heart in settling down in Russia, here are the top ten companies you may try working for.



Gazprom has its main business line in transportation, production, processing, sales and oil and gas supply. The company is worth $83.7 billion and it provides 40% of gas supplies to the European Union alone. Gazprom shares are very popular among local and foreign investors in Russia. The company has a huge scope of employment all-round the year.  Being a global energy provider, Gazprom is certainly a great company to work for if ever you decide to settle down in Russia.

BMW Russia

 BMW Russia is a National Sales organization of the BMW Group. It is one of the world’s most successful companies, manufacturing and selling luxury motorcycles and automobiles. This company represents brands like the BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and Motorrad. Started in the year 1999, the company is headed by Wolfgang Schlimme.      


Transneft is engaged in the operation and construction of pipelines. A transport monopoly, it is the world’s largest pipeline company. With its headquarters in Moscow, the company is led by Nikoley Tokarev. The total capitalization of Transneft is $3.5 billion as Russia’s oil supply to new markets completely depends on this company. With more than 106,000 employees, Transneft is a reliable company to work in if you are in Russia.

Russian Railways


Russian Railways is a Russian company that manages operation and infrastructure of passenger train and freight services. The company was recorded as one of the three biggest transport companies worldwide in the year 2012. It has its headquarters in Moscow and employs about 942,808 people.  



Lukoil is the second biggest oil company in Russia. With its headquarters in Moscow, the company produces an average of 1.813 million barrels of oil per day. The company employs 150,000 workers and produces petroleum, pharmaceuticals and natural gas. Vagit Alekperov is the CEO. Lukoil makes a revenue of $139.2 billion.

Siemens Russia

Siemens is a multinational electronics and engineering company with one of its offices in Russia. The company produces communication systems, power generation technology, building and industrial automation, medical technology and has numerous line of other businesses too. The company’s presence in Russia is 150 years old and is spread across thirty cities in the country.




Another oil company in the list, Rosneft is an inaugurated company mostly owned by the Russian government. Headquartered in Balchug district in Moscow, it is Russia’s leading refinement and extraction company. Founded in 1993, Rosneft employs 106,000 workers and has a net income of $11.1 billion. Motor fuels, natural gas, petroleum and pharmaceuticals are some of its main supplies.



Another Russian oil and gas company, Surgutneftegas was founded in 1993 after merging with several companies that were previously state-owned. The company has its headquarters in Surgut, Tyumen Oblast. It employs 92,935 people and has a net income of $5.9 billion. Natural gas, petroleum and oil products are the main production here.

Google Russia


Google as an international brand needs no introduction. Google was opened in Moscow in 2005. It is now home to people across the sales, engineering, marketing and operations, IT and finance industries. Located in Balchug, Russia, the search engine company is obviously a great place to work for.

Microsoft Russia


Like Google, Microsoft is one of the world’s most renowned tech giants. With many products and services under its belt, there is no surprise that Microsoft Russia is a dream place to work, for the Russian inmates. As competition between tech rivals grow day by day, the doors are wide opened for special talents.

As you see, Russia has its share of the world’s best companies. Unlike the US and the European countries, the level of competition here is low and it’s a great chance now to make a career here. Employment resources in Russia are often underrated. So why not ‘take the road less travelled’ and make it big?