Top 10 Completely Dumb Celebrity Tweets (That Damaged Their Careers)

Our mouth is in a constant race with our brain and the grand prize is utter embarrassment. Luckily, for most of us when we do squarely place our size tens in our pie receptacle (mouths for the non-pie eaters of the group), only a few people are privy to it. Celebrities on the other hand have thousands of followers watching their every move. If you think that they bother with self-censoring you’d be wrong. I’m pretty sure though, that if we had a time machine celebrities would be lining up to take back these tweets that damaged their public image.  

1. Lil Drunken Bow Wow

A sure fire way to dull the shine on your gleaming new Lambo is to drive it drunk. A sure fire way to dull the shine your shiny public persona? Tweet about being a little too tipsy to drive as you arrive at your next party destination. ‘I’m smashed and will be taking a taxi to the next spot, where are the honeys?’ might not have be as rebellious but it’s definitely better PR.

2. Over The Top

Hayley William, the lead singer to the popular band Paramore, had a bit of a twit-nip slip-up when she tweeted a topless image of herself. She later said that she had flashed the flash-enable website Twitter in error.

3. The Older The Berry The Sweeter The Tweet

Demi Lovato is another very popular Disney channel star turned mainstream pop-singer. Although not as clean cut as her predecessors Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera, Lovato still managed to stay under the tabloid radar for most of her career. Until a meet and greet in Dallas where a few of her seemingly adoring fans were a couple of decades north of their late teens. She tweeted multiple times how creeped out she was by the grey haired autograph hunters. The ‘grey haired creeper’ was probably just a father forced into getting an autograph for his kids.

4.  No make-up, no Make Up

This twit-slip didn’t exactly damage the celebrity that let it loose on the twitter-sphere but it did for his now ex-wife. Perennial prankster and sexuality testing comedian, Russell Brand, shared his wife’s undone visage across twitter-land. I’m sure it made his then wife Katy Perry Roar.

5. Weiner’s Weiner

Ex New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner, thought it would be exciting to share suggestive pics with a 21 year old college student. It became a lot more exciting when he shared it with all his followers on Twitter, so exciting in fact that he had to resign.

6. The Game’s Game

Hip-hop artist, The Game, thought it would be cute to offer an internship with him over the twitter-net. What would The Games intern even be classified as? A Ref? He was probably in an extra jovial mood because he actually gave the Compton’s Sheriff’s department’s number instead of his own. A jail sentence for a prank, totally worth it.

7. Cee-lo’s No-Homo

Cee-lo Green is a vastly talented, high selling artist. He also might be a little bit on the homophobic side. After some negative feed-back regarding his show, he lashed out against music editor Andrea Swensson questioning her sexuality. Why stop there though? He also made sure that the music editor wasn’t offended by his masculinity. Aaaah, what a thoughtful young man.

8. No one wants 50 Cent’s two cents

If you’re mentioning ‘Special Ed’ and ‘Autism’ in your Tweets it better be followed by ‘National’, ‘Organization’ or ‘Charity’. In 50 Cent’s case it was followed by ‘You look like one’ to a fan, which had advocates up in arms. He quickly recanted but never apologized.

9. Bynes and the Beef

Another Disney star gone mainstream, Amanda Bynes has been having some mental health issues in past few months. The build up to this situation was unfortunately Ms. Bynes going off on the physical attractiveness of various celebrities via Twitter. One such celeb? Hip-hop royalty and general destroyer of the mic Jay-Z.

10. Kim Kardashian

Come on stop groaning! A celebrity faux-pa list without the most infamous of Kardashians? As Hamas rockets hit Jerusalem Mrs. Kardashian-West first tweeted prayers to Israel and then tweeted that her prayers go out the Palestine and the rest of the world. Has no one told Kim that timing is everything?

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Have you embarrassed yourself on a public forum as vast as Twitter? If you have, let us know how you apologized or how you found a sketchy character with a fake mustache and bought a new identity. Let us know in the comments below!