Top 10 Dream Jobs for Foodies!

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1. #1 Chocolate Taster
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This would be a dream job for many! A chocolate taster could work at a confectionary manufacturer, a chain store or for a chocolatier. Mostly this would involve tasting different types of chocolate from all over the world and choosing the best for their product. Fillings would also have to be tried and tested. The Chocolate Taster would also pick the best seasonal produce for their company.

If you have a passion for food and wine, you don’t have to become the next Master Chef or work in a kitchen for years. The food industry has opened up incredibly in the last 10 years or so, making it easier for anyone who loves food to work within which was once, quite a restrictive industry. With passion, ambition and a little bit of luck, there are some amazing opportunities out there if you look... So where could your foodie dream take you?




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