Top 10 Easy Workplace Pranks

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1. You Troublemaker, You!
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The workplace can often be rather drab and boring, what with everyone falling into their routines. In fact, even the most mundane events can cause a huge amount of excitement in the workplace, as long as it’s out of the ordinary. Today, the building across the street from my workplace ran a fire drill and everyone in my office flattened themselves against the window to watch the other building’s workers march out into the street. So, how about livening up the place with a few pranks? Starting a prank war with a colleague can keep dozens of people entertained for months! The only problem is finding a way to commit these hilarious acts without taking too much time away from doing actual work and then getting reprimanded for it. That’s why I have compiled ten of the best easily committed pranks for the workplace! Go crazy!

Happy pranking, people! Do you have any other pranks that were left off this list? Let me, and everyone else, know your greatest pranks in the comments!




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