Top 10 Easy Workplace Pranks

Happy pranking, people! Do you have any other pranks that were left off this list? Let me, and everyone else, know your greatest pranks in the comments!

1. You Troublemaker, You!

The workplace can often be rather drab and boring, what with everyone falling into their routines. In fact, even the most mundane events can cause a huge amount of excitement in the workplace, as long as it’s out of the ordinary. Today, the building across the street from my workplace ran a fire drill and everyone in my office flattened themselves against the window to watch the other building’s workers march out into the street. So, how about livening up the place with a few pranks? Starting a prank war with a colleague can keep dozens of people entertained for months! The only problem is finding a way to commit these hilarious acts without taking too much time away from doing actual work and then getting reprimanded for it. That’s why I have compiled ten of the best easily committed pranks for the workplace! Go crazy!

2. The Impossible Desktop

For this prank, we’re assuming that your office uses Microsoft PCs. This one is hugely impressive in its simplicity, but will still cause untold havoc for your victim. Opportunity will be a huge player in this one, so choose your time wisely. Also, this prank is best played by someone who knows their way around a computer. You know, so you don’t spend several hours trying to figure it out and get caught in the act. Choose your victim and wait. Once they have left their desk to go to a meeting or to lunch, that is the time to strike. A bathroom break won’t cut it, you’ll need more time. Basically, just take a screenshot of their desktop, and save it as a .jpg image. Move all of their icons into a newly created folder and hide it so your victim won’t see it. You can’t remove the recycling bin, but don’t worry, no one ever messes with the recycling bin. Once you’ve hidden all of the icons, set the image background as your screenshot. When your colleague returns to their desk, they will find what appears to be their perfectly functioning computer, except when they go to click on an icon, nothing will happen. Watch them become increasingly confused and begin to rage at their broken computer. Once you’ve had your laugh, and maybe taken a video, undo your damage before your mark loses their mind with rage.

3. The Hollow Monitor

This trick works in a similar way to the first, only this time, instead of having a fake desktop in place, you will take a photo of the area immediately behind your victim’s monitor. This will take a little more time and planning than the first, so keep that in mind. Once you’ve taken your picture and gone through the steps to make it your victim’s desktop picture, hiding away the icons, just sit back and wait. When your victim returns, they will see what appears to be a hollow monitor sitting on their desk. They will catch on when they turn they’re head or move in closer to inspect the phenomenon, but you will still have gained some amusement from the minute or so of bewilderment on their face as they wonder just where the heck their screen has gone.

4. Chair-Horn

This is my personal favourite. Be warned, this one may be considered as slightly disruptive, so only do this if a: you have fun and understanding employers or b: you are the boss. It’s very elegant in its simplicity, something akin to a Wile E. Coyote cartoon. Firstly, make sure your victim’s chair is one that has an adjustable height, otherwise this won’t work and you’ve just wasted your time and a few bucks. Secondly, you will need to get your hands on one of those air-horns like people use at sporting events. You know, the really obnoxious ones. Then, using a little tape and ingenuity, tape the thing to the underside of your victim’s office chair. Finally, make sure that your victim’s chair is raised as high as it will go, then walk away and wait. When the victim returns, they will immediately notice that their chair is too high, so will naturally lower it to where it should be. Now, if you’ve done it right, when the chair lowers it will put pressure on the air-horn’s trigger and set the thing off, sending your colleague about six feet off the chair in terror. I suggest setting up a camera prior to this prank, just to capture the event for eternity and possibly to play it back to your shaking colleague. If anyone deserves a laugh at this point, it’s them.

5. Foiled Again and Again and Again...

This one takes a while to set up, so is best used when your victim is out of town or on vacation. You know, something for them to come back to. It’s really quite simple, but you will need money and help. Not much money, though. Just enough to buy a hefty supply of aluminum foil. “Why?” you ask? Well, you’re going to individually wrap every single item on your colleague’s desk in aluminum foil, of course. What else would you do with aluminum foil and an unattended desk? Grab a couple of colleagues who want to be in on the action and get to work. It should take roughly an hour or so, depending on just how much stuff is on the desk, but you’ll all feel a great sense of accomplishment when you’re done. Now just wait until the victim returns to work, I’m sure they’ll appreciate your efforts to welcome them back.

6. Team Effort

Like the name suggests, you will need an organized group to pull this off. And by group, I mean everyone in your office or department. Except for the manager. This prank is just for them. Organize with your cohorts a day on which you will all call in sick with various issues. That’s right, every single one of you. With each call that comes in, your manager will grow more and more panicked, because with each person that doesn’t show up, that’s less work that gets done and he/she might have to take up the slack. Imagine their horror when they realize that they might have to do an entire department’s workload all by themselves. Of course, you can’t all just take the day off and hope for the best, so I suggest showing up a few minutes after starting time with coffee and donuts. The donuts are for your manager, they’ll need to eat away their stress after this one.

7. Upgrade

This one is time consuming, without a doubt, but the effect is unrivalled. If you’re the creative type and good at making things out of other things, perhaps you’d like to give a colleague a cardboard upgrade? If you’ve got the time, patience and know-how, just replace each item on their desk with a cardboard representation. I’m sure your co-worker will be impressed, because I sure am with the effort in this picture!

8. It's A Trap!

Here’s one for those of you who might work at a supermarket/grocery store. If your intended victim drives to work, the best prank you could pull would involve something with their car. But what could you do? The answer is staring you in the face. Create an infinite loop of shopping carts around their car. It’s so simple, it’s genius! Ideally, the carts would be the kind that require a coin donation to unlock them from one another, which means if the victim doesn’t have any change, they’re stuck forever. Unless, of course, they decide to just drive the whole thing out onto the highway. Imagine a car chase with that going on!

9. Worst Fear Confirmed

This prank is best used on someone squeamish or you know has a huge fear of spiders. You may remember those old practical joke toy spiders that dangled from a string on a stick. You would hang the small spider in front of someone’s face and they would freak out. Well, times have changed and so has the technology. You can now get very large, very realistic, remote control spiders. Just place the spider in your victim’s desk drawer when they’re not looking and wait. Key note, make sure the thing has batteries and is switched on! When your friend comes back to their desk, ask them if you can borrow something that you secretly know they keep in their desk drawer. As soon as they open the drawer, go crazy on the controls for the spider and send it scurrying around like mad! Also available for purchase are rats, scorpions and snakes. Your colleague, unless they have nerves of steel, will most likely jump and scream and run from the building, providing you and everyone else with a laugh for several weeks.

10. Blind Mouse

The following prank is an oldie, but a goody. I would suggest playing this joke on someone who is new to the workforce, perhaps someone fresh out of school, because anyone who has worked in an office for a year or more will catch you out right away. All you have to do is tape a small piece of paper over the laser-eye under their mouse. Done and dusted. It’s really that easy! It might take them upwards of 10 minutes to figure out why their mouse isn’t working. Meanwhile, you’re laughing at their naivety. However, you can also play a version of this prank on someone a little more experienced. Did you know you can open the mouse? Well, you can. Take a look. See the tiny little screws? Why don’t you open it up and see what you can do with that? If you tape some paper directly over the light from inside the mouse, then even the most experienced worker will have no idea what to do. Watch them constantly turn over their mouse to see if something is blocking the light, only to become increasingly more confused when they can’t see anything there.

11. The Slow Burn

This prank, quite simply, is pure evil. One day, right before you leave work, remove all the staples from a co-worker’s stapler, except for about three or four. When they come back the next day and use their stapler a couple of times, naturally they will run out and have to refill the stapler. Right before you leave work that evening, repeat the process, leaving only three or four staples. Your victim will return the next day to find that their stapler runs out quickly again. Keep repeating this process for as long as you can. The best I’m aware of is four months. You can just sit back every morning and watch as your colleague slowly loses their mind over the magically vanishing staples. They know they don’t use all of them. You will see them check the stapler at the end of the day before they leave. You can even have bets going with other workers on how long it will take before the unwitting victim catches on to you. What’s even better is once they do catch you, they can’t complain about your thieving to Human Resources without sounding like a lunatic. Seriously, think about explaining how someone is stealing staples from your stapler every day.

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