Top 10 Embarrassing Things Fans Have Done in Front of Their Favorite Celebrity

Coming face to face with someone we idolize can leave us tongue-tied and not knowing what to do. If that’s ever happened to you, there’s no need to feel that bad about it. It could’ve been worse, like these 10 embarrassing things people have done in front of their favorite celebrities.


1. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Having a meet and greet with your favorite celebrity can definitely get those stomach butterflies going. Knowing she was going to meet Justin Bieber before one of his concerts, one fan spent the entire trip trying to figure out what to say to him. When the moment finally came, however, all she managed to ask was if Bieber had farted “because you just blew me away.” After getting a weird look from the star, the security followed her out and told her she had managed to creep Biebs out.

2. Rihanna

You never expect to run into someone famous when you’re just walking down the street. Clearly not pleased with the hair of the girl she was walking behind, one Rihanna fan yelled out “B*tch thinks she’s f*ckin’ Rihanna.” When the girl turned around, it was none other than Rihanna herself.

3. Beyoncé

This takes the saying “running into someone” to a whole new level. One Beyoncé fan ran head on into the “Single Ladies” singer and was so tongue-tied that she couldn’t even apologize.

4. Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom

When one fan came face-to-face with her favorite Lord of The Rings star, she didn’t have trouble making conversation with him. The problem was she just couldn’t control what she was saying, and blurted out that “when I was young, you made me realize I was heterosexual.”

5. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

What do you do when you have a few minutes of deep eye contact with your favorite A-lister? One fan who met Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp believes the answer to that question is to reach out and stroke his chest.

6. Marina and the Diamonds

It can be nerve wracking when you get the chance to go in for a hug with someone famous, and this can sometimes lead to an awkward moment. For a fan who met Marina and the Diamonds, this resulted in an unintentional boob graze.

7. Blake Lively

Halfway through dinner in a restaurant, one fan and her mum realized they were sitting right next to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. When her mum didn’t come back from the restroom after 10 minutes, she went to go check on her. On entering the bathroom, she found her mum had cornered Blake Lively and was telling the actress how beautiful she was and how cute she and Reynolds were as a couple.

8. Katy Perry

Have you ever met a celebrity before they were famous, snubbed them, and now completely regret it? One Katy Perry fan did just that when she meet the “I Kissed a Girl” singer back in 2008 at the Warped Tour. Perry walked up the fan and her friends and said, “Hi, I’m Katy.” They told her they knew who she was and when Katy asked if they wanted to take a picture, they said, “No, that’s ok, but we’ll come see you play.” She never did see Perry play, and looking back on it now she can’t believe she threw that opportunity away.

9. Dr. Dre

Leaving a restaurant after a meal with friends, one Dr. Dre fan decided to pretend the fancy car that had just pulled up was their ride. All their friends found it hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing. That was until they realized Dr. Dre was in the car who didn’t find it funny.

10. Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose
DJ Mag Canada

Ruby Rose’s recent appearance in the hit TV series Orange Is the New Black has managed to gain her plenty of new fans. One fan confessed their love for Rose’s recent acting by blurting out she enjoyed her “naked in the shower scene.” That’s probably not the first or last time Rose will hear that.

If you do ever happen to come across someone famous and do something that makes your cheeks go red every time you think about, take comfort knowing there have been many before you who have done the exact same thing.

Have you had any embarrassing celebrity encounters? Let us know in the comments section below!