Top 10 Employers in Ireland

Ireland is a fantastic place to live and work. The country has a favourable corporate tax rate which subsequently attracts some of the biggest and best organisations from around the world to set up headquarters there. It can therefore be difficult to know which are the best workplaces to work in. Fortunately, the best workplaces in Ireland have been ranked by Great Place to Work by classifying employers according to their ‘best workplace’ ranking, provided they employ over 301 employees. Please note there are alternative lists depending on the size group of organisations.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at which companies made it into the top 10 list.

#1 Diageo Ireland – Demand

Image source: Belfast Telegraph

No. of employees: 330
Industry: Advertising and Marketing
Additional information: Diageo has remained at #1 for two years running, and is evidently, the very best place to work in Ireland! Check out their available vacancies and graduate schemes here.

#2 Microsoft Ireland

Image source: Microsoft

No. of employees: 1100
Industry: IT software
Additional information: Microsoft is highly regarded amongst graduates and their focus on helping women excel is also notable. They have a page on their website dedicated to informing grads and women on how to join Microsoft and excel with them.

#3 Verison 1

Image source: 360 Photos for Business

No. of employees: 338
Industry: IT consulting
Additional information: Verison1 is one of the best IT solutions providers in the world. They have an array of career paths for those with an interest in IT. Check out their career section here.

#4 Pepsico Ireland

Image source: The Guardian

No. of employees: 750
Industry: Food production
Additional information: Pepsico Ireland also received an award for ‘Most Caring Employer’ in 2012, which is testament to how they treat their employees. For information on Pepsico careers, click here.

#5 Diageo Ireland Supply

Image source: thespiritbusiness

Image source:

No. of employees: 334
Industry: Food production
Additional information: Another division of the Diageo global company features in Ireland’s best workplaces list – an impressive achievement for the company as a whole. Information on Diageo careers can be found on their website.

#6 EMC Information Systems

Image source: edacsystems

No. of employees: 2100
Industry: IT
Additional information: EMC in Ireland has been in business since 1988 and is a highly regarded employer in the country. To apply for jobs at EMC Ireland, you have to email the relevant contact directly (follow the EMC Information Systems link above).

job search
job search

#7 McDonald’s Ireland

No. of employees: 4500
Industry: Retail
Additional information: It is no surpise that McDonald’s makes it onto the top 10 list as it is considered a great place to work in countries all over the world. Search for available jobs with McDonald’s Ireland here.

#8 Genzyme Ireland

Image source: johnsiskandson

No. of employees: 511
Industry: Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
Additional information: Genzyme prides itself on its entrepreneurial culture and is progression organisation to work for. Read about their team and gain information on careers here.

#9 eBay Inc.

Image source: [302 from]

No. of employees: 2500
Industry: IT/Retail
Additional information: With a tag line that reads ‘we’ve searched the world for you’, it is clear that eBay Ireland takes its recruitment strategy seriously. Check out the latest vacancies with eBay in Ireland here.

#10 Nando’s Ireland


No. of employees: 370
Industry: Hospitality
Additional information: This may be a surprising addition to the list, but nevertheless, it is officially the 10 best place to work in Ireland! The Nando’s Ireland website has a section for careers, which you can view here.

Some of these companies may have surprised you, but nevertheless, they are considered to be the top 10 best employers in Ireland according to 2014 rankings. Do you know of any other companies you believe should be on this list? If so, let us know in the comments section below!




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