Top 10 Facebook Pages for Jobseekers

Top Facebook Pages for Jobseekers

Job searching has changed drastically over the last 10 to 15 years. You no longer have to search through job boards, knock on doors or mail out your resume to everyone you know; you can now do your primary job search right from your computer.

You can also do more than just that; you don’t even have to attend a face-to-face interview, you can have a Skype interview from the comfort of your home. And now that job ads have gone digital they are starting to go social as well.

So, if you are a job seeker seriously interested to find a new job, then you should consider checking out a few great Facebook Pages.

Here is a list we’ve put together showing the top 10 pages for job seekers:

1. Indeed

indeed Facebook job pageFacebook

With more than half a million likes, Indeed is one of the most popular job seeker’s pages, and it regularly posts relevant material for those who are interested in finding a job. The page is so successful because it is not just an active company on Facebook posting job ads or career articles; its audience also plays an active role. With a remarkable number of shares and likes this page is filled with videos, funny memes, articles and everything a job seeker could need.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn Facebook job pageFacebook

The number 1 professional social network LinkedIn, apart from having its own social network platform, it is also has a great page on Facebook. LinkedIn doesn’t turn its back on other social networks; what they are doing here instead is trying to expand their audience and finding other ways to connect with possible users.

3. CoolWorks

coolworks facebook pageFacebook

CoolWorks is a completely unique page that emphasizes cool jobs in exciting places such as summer resorts in the Florida Keys or little lakeside towns in Alaska. This page is filled with amazing photography and interesting job advertisements. CoolWorks is the coolest jobs page on Facebook.

4. CareerCast

CareerCast Facebook job search pageFacebook

Even though the original CareerCast website includes all kinds of resources such as cover letter and cv tips, job search tools, career advice articles and so on, its Facebook page is reserved for job advertisements with only a few job-seeker posts scattered around.

5. Snagajob

snagajobs Facebook pageFacebook

This page is for those hourly employees interested in finding a job in hospitality, retail, education, healthcare and much more. This page regularly posts job listings, funny memes and informative and educational articles relevant to job seekers.

6. FlexJobs

flexjobs Facebook pageFacebook

With almost 50 000 likes, FlexJobs features blog posts, inspirational photos and several enlightening articles educating you on how to secure that job of your dreams. So, if you are looking for career inspiration, just visit this page to find some new ideas and tips for your next step in your job hunting journey.

7. Salary

Salary Facebook job pageFacebook

The original website offers an all-round experience for job seekers with several job advertisements, tips on career development and of course, what it’s most known for, salary data. Likewise, the Facebook page is filled with the website’s content as well as educational articles from other renowned sources such as and

8. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter Facebook pageFacebook

ZipRecruiter boasts almost 30 000 likes and a great deal of stimulating articles, job listings, conference announcements and event promotions. This page is constantly updated with new content to notify its followers so they don’t miss out on the opportunities of their lives.


Care Facebook pageFacebook focuses on a specific job niche, serving as an online job board for nannies and babysitters. This doesn’t mean that it is not a well-known website; it has more than 550 000 likes. This page is one of the best out there as it does not only serve those who are interested in working as a sitter or nanny, but it also helps parents who are looking for childcare. With diverse content consisting of helpful articles regarding family matters, parenting, as well as everything related to job seeking it is one of the best pages available proving that online social job boards can actually be the best thing that ever happened to job seekers.

10. USAJobs

USAJobs Facebook pageFacebook

There’s a popular belief that government organizations are never up-to-date or following the latest trends. However, USAJobs, the official U.S Federal Government job board, can provide you with all the necessary information regarding employment in any Federal Sector. They include job listings, resources and various articles educating you about starting a career in the government sector.

Be careful, though, if you like all these pages and follow them, be ready to have your news feed bombarded with articles. Of course, you can always hide the feed from the pages if you think what they are posting is irrelevant to your career, or just unsubscribe.

Are there any great job pages that we missed out? Let us know in the comments section below.