Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Coffee

Almost everyone drinks it at work and most people have more than one a day; but with so much of the stuff going around, how much do we really know about coffee? Let’s take a look at these top 10 facts about the drink...

#1 Global product

Coffee is the second largest quantity to be traded in the world; believe it or not this sits right under oil! Such a widely used commodity that we actually consume coffee biologically, almost as much as machines consume oil mechanically!

#2 The most popular beverage of choice to the human race: coffee and water

Coffee in modern times has even solidified itself as a part of some cultures! Shared among the world’s population, the drink has now taken over as the runner up to water.

#3 The Arabic "qahhwat al-bun" is where the word coffee comes from, meaning "wine of the bean"

The Arabic term was eventually changed to “coffee” in Europe as “qahwah” was then translated into “koffie” in Dutch, then “Kaffee”. My guess is little effort was required to change the “Ka” to an “Co”. Anyway who wants to call it “Kaffee”? Sounds like a sneeze.

#4 Starbucks coffee is visible in almost every scene in Fight Club

Apparently Starbucks had no problem with this advertising contract and thus allowed David Fincher to do what he can to get the cup in every possible scene! Except for one scene where someone breaks a cup.

#5 Coffee was first a food

African tribes mixed coffee beans with animal fat to create an edible meat-ball like snack, which also gave them a boost of caffeine energy when consumed. Imagine the rush of eating pure caffeine! Ok party people you know what time it is!!!

#6 Alzheimer’s and dementia now proven less likely if you regularly consume coffee

If was found during medical studies that should you consume 3-5 cups a day, brain metabolism remains more healthy and balanced… Back in a minute, forgot this, thing, in the kitchen…

#7 The original discovery of Coffee was said to be by Ethiopian shepherds

The shepherds found their goats dancing around the beans together having a little boogie on the caffeine. They might have been doing this in secret for years, till humans came and ruined the party. Goats are still angry, obviously. Ever noticed the looks you get from some of them?

#8 An old Turkish custom warranted divorce, should the husband not provide his wife with coffee

Yes! This! What?

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

#9 100 cups of coffee could kill you

Ok so we’ve had 2 or 3 today, feeling livelier, invigorated perhaps. What happens if we keep going past 90? Having too much caffeine in your system could lead to a seizure or heart attack! You’ve been warned!

#10 Fake coffee smell!

Some high street retailers actually use imitation coffee smells to lure in potential spenders. Beware, they’re playing on your weaknesses - I think it’s stupid, will never work… wait… where you going?




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