Top 10 Fastest Growing Jobs in Multimedia

When you think of multimedia in the current business market, sometimes it isn’t all that clear what the word encompasses. From development to design and more, multimedia careers are booming as the world moves in a digital and virtual direction.

Though some multimedia careers lean in a more technical direction, this industry is incredibly popular; while you might assume that this fact makes the industry oversaturated, it in fact has increased demand in such a way that there is still a decent-sized shortage of developers in many countries. To highlight the growth of this sector researchers at DeVry university put together this great infographic.

Here are ten booming careers in multimedia.

10. Multimedia design

Multimedia designers use different resources such as images, animations, data, text and sound to create interactive and integrated media products such as websites or even user interfaces.

9. Multimedia development

Developers work with the more technical aspect of building and improving websites and interfaces. Development often requires knowledge of several different coding languages like Java, JavaScript, Ruby and more.

8. Art

Graphic artists are often the decision makers when it comes to aesthetic aspects of a website or product. They work with and choose things such as font, font style, color palette and more to manipulate and create new images and animations.

7. Animation 

Animators are typically responsible for using software and traditional media (like pen and paper drawings) to create special effects, animations and other graphics used in films, television shows, websites, interfaces and video games.

6. Web Design

While web design may sound similar to graphic design, web design is more concentrated around use for the web and may exclude physical products like brochures, pamphlets, fliers, and other graphic design projects. Web designers must think in terms of usability on the internet.

5. Web Development

Web development, like web design, focuses on products and structures of a website. This can scale from huge retailers with online shops to small, personal blogs; regardless, web developers are responsible for the code and the knowledge that makes the entire site function and flow. 

4. Publishing 

Publishing is more responsible for the business aspect of products and services offered. They often oversee projects from a managerial standpoint--like staffing concerns, marketing budgets and so on. They may also focus more on the overall marketing and advertising side of projects.

3. Production

Production may focus on a lot of different aspects, but typically a position in production is responsible for pushing finished products and ensuring that they function as intended while delivering the quality of service desired.

2. Video games programming

One of the most popular (and more sought after) positions in the industry, video games development and programming is a dream for some. However, with the stark increase in video game popularity and the demand for competent developers, finding a job outside of the testing department is easier than ever, especially for recent (and younger) graduates.

1. Instructional design

Not many people associate multimedia design with education; but in fact, with the amount of online education and virtual classrooms available, it’s a steadily increasing market. This type of role creates materials that allow for visual, auditory and interactive teaching methods.

Infographic courtesy of DeVry.




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