Top 10 Fun Facts You Need to Know About Twitter

Twitter is a social network with a long history. Its original launch came in March of 2006. Since then, it’s grown from strength to strength. It’s now the second biggest social network in the world, behind Facebook. Although you may know your way around the Twitter of today, the chances are there are still some things you don’t know about it.

In this article, we’re going to reveal the top 10 fun facts you need to know about Twitter.

#1 The Original Name

Twitter was once known as twittr because the makers wanted to copy the Flickr social network name. It also copied the American five-digit SMS codes. The name Twitter didn’t come to life until six months after its release in March 2006.

#2 How Long Did it Take to Reach a Billion Tweets?

The network published its billionth Tweet in three years two months and one day. In the present day, it now takes just a week to see the same number of Tweets. Nobody quite knows how many total Tweets have been published in the network’s history because it changes so often.

#3 Most Retweeted Tweet Ever

The Oscar selfie with Ellen DeGeneres and a host of other Hollywood stars was retweeted 3.3 million times. This beat the previous record held by President Barak Obama with 760,000 retweets. No Tweet has come close to breaking the record since.

#4 Timeline Checking

Twitter users really are obsessive. In the second financial quarter of 2014 alone, Twitter users checked their timelines for updates a spectacular 173 billion times around the world. Talk about obsessive!

#5 Country with the Most Users

The country with the most Twitter users in the world? It’s not America. The record goes to China, where 35.5 million users post updates. But the fastest-growing Twitter nation goes to Saudi Arabia, with a 3000% rate of growth. Saudi Arabia’s growth has been put down to a relaxing of government restrictions. Currently, it has 3 million users.

#6 Time Spent Per Month

The average amount of time spent on Twitter per month by each user around the world is 170 minutes. This is just the time spent on the platform by the average user. It doesn’t take into account the more obsessive of us.

#7 What about Followers?

The average Twitter account has a mere 208 followers. But the record for the most followers on the planet goes to singer Katy Perry, who racks up an impressive following of just under 58 million. Nobody has come close to getting as many followers, with the likes of Justin Bieber and Barak Obama barely hitting half the number of followers.

#8 Millennial Obsession

Twitter is most popular amongst the millennial generation, with 61% of Twitter’s entire base coming from here. Also, 81% of this same generation checks Twitter on a daily basis. It’s no wonder Twitter says that whenever a millennial checks their phone they check Twitter.

#9 What about the Future of Twitter?

The future is bright for Twitter. In four years, Twitter is expected to boast 400 million users around the world. The social network pinpoints its biggest growth market as the Asia Pacific region, which is predicted to account for 40% of all users. This could represent the spread of the Internet to a lot of remote destinations in this part of the world.

#10 Mobile Activity

As with seemingly every other aspect of the Internet, Twitter has gone mobile. It’s said that 75% of users access Twitter directly from their phones. In real terms, this is about 173 million users around the world.


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