Top 10 Funniest Recruitment Videos

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What is the most effective way to recruit potential talent? The answer is a strong recruitment campaign. This can be anything from participating in job fairs to creating a workplace app. Most companies choose to develop recruitment videos because they can accomplish their recruitment goals on a relatively limited budget. This is feasible thanks to technology and social networking sites. Most companies use recruitment videos for the following reasons:

  1. Marketing/Targeting: When searching for jobs, most people conduct research on potential employers. Companies also do the same thing to attract potential candidates. When conducting a strong targeted campaign, companies use software to determine the location of their recruitment videos. They post on high traffic sites that are visited by potential candidates. This is why you see a certain type of advertisement in your newsfeed. It has been placed there because companies think this will be appealing to you.
  2. To Highlight Their Company: Many companies are posting recruitment videos to show off their company. They compile videos that highlight any awards they have won. They also include videos that highlight the surrounding areas. This allows the potential candidate to visualize themselves in that environment. Sometimes location plays a big role in whether an individual will accept or deny a job offer. This is why some companies include this information in their recruitment videos.
  3. Virtual Job Fairs: This is a cost effective way to reach a large pool of candidates. Virtual job fairs are becoming popular. A company can make a short recruitment video and have it played over and over again. The only thing a potential candidate has to do is visit the job site to see who is hiring.

Recruitment videos are typically boring. They usually include people dressed in business attire who speak in monotone voices. Most people compare the actors to a used car salesmen. They sound like they are trying to sell you something that you probably shouldn’t buy. In contrast, some recruitment videos are not trying to sell you anything. Instead, they are honestly informing candidates of the reasons why their employers are awesome by listing all the good reasons why you should work for their company.

Are you tired of the same bland videos? If so, you are not alone. Therefore, we searched YouTube and found the top 10 funniest recruitment videos. The videos include popular things that recruiters say, videos that are poking fun at the recruitment process, and the used car salesmen’s approach that some recruiters use to recruit future talent.

Here are the top 10 funniest recruitment videos:

1. Will Ferrell's NYPD recruitment video

Police departments want to hire officers who are honest and will not cross ethical lines. Officers must possess skills to deal with individuals from different backgrounds. Some police departments also require some college credits. However, some police stations will waive the college credit requirements for military service or prior law enforcement experience. In this recruitment video, Will Ferrell brings the funny to police recruiting. Ferrell plays a character named Allen Gamble. Gamble attempts to recruit able-bodied men and women to join the New York Police Department. During the recording, his words are being changed on the teleprompter, and he responds in a way that only Will Ferrell can respond.

2. Recruitment - Funny reverse firing interview

When you start a new career, sometimes the instructor will open the class with an ice breaker. This funny video was used to open up a human resource class discussion about recruitment. The recruiter talks to the future talent about her being too qualified for the job. The talent quits before she is hired. The recruiter becomes agitated because she wanted the pleasure of firing her. The two go back and forth until the future talent gets everything that she wants including a management job that will allow her to fire the recruiter.

3. Timeshare recruitment

When you think about timeshare recruitment, you don’t think about children. The video starts with a question. What do you want to be when you grow up? The video shows typical answers that most children would say when asked about their future plans such as a policeman, doctor, princess, or a lawyer. However, the last child shows why he is on his way to becoming a timeshare salesmen.

4. IT recruitment

The IT field is known for being a boring yet a profitable field. This funny animation commercial was used for RAVE-cruitment, a full-service ICT Recruitment company in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This video starts with an image of an IT guy. You see him focused on his computer screen. Then, a big hand appears and pulls the guy away from his desk. The moral of the video is that the IT guy loves his job so much that he has to be pulled away from his computer screen.

5. Australian recruitment

When you join the Australian military, you are expected to serve between 3 to 14.5 years. A potential candidate is expected to be a citizen of Australia and be in great shape. This funny recruitment commercial shows the tough military training that each soldier must endure. Also, it pokes fun at the hard work that the military has to do such as play rugby and fight the "roos".


6. Stuff recruiters say

Recruiters will say just about anything to place someone in a job. This video shows the funny things that recruiters say to recruit talent. What is the least amount of money you can live on to survive? So sorry to call on a Sunday. There might be a drug test. Is that a problem? The funny recruiter sounds more like a used car salesman. He tries hard to sell jobs to potential clients.

7. The newbie

Being the Newbie at any job can be tough. You have to make new friends, learn how to navigate the office politics, and sometimes your colleagues will prank you. In this funny recruiting video, Abby is so eager to please her client that she doesn’t listen to what her client is actually requesting. After she takes her first phone call, she runs into her boss’s office and tells him about the request. He immediately picks up on the prank. Poor Abby has no clue. Her boss informs her colleagues that hazing is against the rules.

8. The recruiter

A recruiter’s job is to find new talent. How can you recruit talent if they can’t understand what you are trying to sell? This video is about Mr. Terry. He is a seasoned recruiter who needs help with his enunciation. He tries hard to recruit clients. However, his potential clients have a difficult time understanding what he is trying to sell. They can’t understand what he is asking. He repeats himself numerous times, but the clients still can’t understand his words.

9. The agent

A first impression is powerful. In this recruitment video, you will meet Mr. Thomas. He is a VIP physician recruiter. He is unprofessional yet funny. He makes a poor attempt at trying to be "cool" by using slang. He comes off as the old guy in the club. Would you seek employement at company X if Mr. Thomas was the recruiter?

10. Corporate recruiting video

Most companies take pride at being the best in their field. This is a funny recruitment video created by Barclays. It shows that the company’s goal is to stay ahead of the game. In the video, the lead character believes that no competition can fly under his radar.

In 2015, many companies are able to express their creative side with recruitment videos. Technology has given companies the ability to create anything from a basic recruitment video to a short film. This makes the job seeking process more enjoyable for future talent. Also, this is a big benefit to large and small companies because one video can instantly be shared with millions of viewers. This is an excellent cost-efficient way for companies to get their message out to the masses. The companies that add a little humor to their videos are sure to stand out in the crowd.

Would you consider employment at a company who had a bad recruitment video?