Top 10 Happiest Jobs That Don't Require A College Degree

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Most people would agree that a college degree is likely to increase your chances of earning more money, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be happy at work. This is slightly concerning, especially considering the fact that most individuals only really excel in a job that they enjoy doing. As such, Business Insider and the careers site CareerBliss identified the 10 jobs that provide the most job satisfaction and happiness to workers, which don’t involve a four-year degree.

The list compiled by CareerBliss is based on reviews by US professionals collected between October 2013 and October 2014. According to Business Insider, employees were asked to review their jobs based on 10 factors that affect work happiness on a five-point scale:

  •  Relationship with their boss
  •  Relationship with their co-workers
  •  Workplace environment
  •  Job resources
  •  Compensation
  •  Growth opportunities
  •  Company culture
  •  Company reputation
  •  Daily tasks
  •  Job control over the work performed on a daily basis

The careers site combined the results of the above variables to calculate the bliss score, an average rating of overall happiness for each job. The results were classified by education requirements to find the happiest jobs that don’t require a college degree.

This is the list of jobs that make people happy and do not necessarily require a college degree…

10. Field Service Technician

According to the Education Portal, field service technicians work in industries with products that cannot be easily transported because of their size or link to other systems. Their job is to provide service and customer support, manage on site installations, repair, maintenance and troubleshoot problems.

Bliss score: 3.06

9. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for designing and implementing an organisation’s social media marketing campaign with the ultimate aim of increasing brand awareness, generating inbound traffic and cultivating leads and sales.

Bliss score:3.08

8. Photographer

Photography is one of the most creative professions and it involves a lot of specializations. Typical work activities include working with clients to discuss what they require in terms of images and how they want to use them, working on different locations and looking for appropriate photographic subjects to get the right image.

Bliss score: 3.16

7. Video Editor

Video editing is a fascinating career choice for those interested in creative gigs in the field of electronic media. Video editors use special software such as Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere and Pro Tools to name a few, to edit recorded raw material into a finished product  that’s suitable for broadcasting.

Bliss score: 3.49

6. Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative typically handles customer complaints, provides information about a company’s products and services as well as processes orders. These professionals may work in a range of industries and occupy roles in retail stores, telephone call centers, banks, insurance agencies etc.

Bliss score: 3.50

5. Recruiter     

Recruiters are responsible for catering to an organisation’s staffing needs by recruiting and evaluating job candidates. They also determine recruitment requirements by studying company plans and objectives.

Bliss score: 3.56

4. Loan Officer

A loan officers’ job is to develop and assess loan applications and relevant documentation by confirming credit worthiness.

Bliss score: 3.58

3. Business Development Executive

Business development executives are mainly responsible for managing accounts and ensuring they meet or exceed goals associated with revenue growth, profit margin customer retention and acquisition.

Bliss score: 3.60

2. WordPress Developer

WordPress, according to reports, is used by over 16.7% of the top 1 million websites and manage around 22% of websites on the Web. Becoming a WordPress developer is not easy, but it is a particularly rewarding job, as you can make a lot of money and get valued clients. WordPress developers obviously deal with WordPress web development, WordPress template design, custom plug-in development, support and maintenance of blogs and websites etc.

Bliss score: 3.66

1. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur tops the list of the 10 happiest jobs. Entrepreneurs or business owners vary by industry and category and must primarily have a range of soft skills rather than hard skills (such as qualifications) to thrive. Think of business moguls such as Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates and Richard Branson who made a fortune without even acquiring a college degree. What did they have in common? Definitely not a solid educational background, but their “eyes, ears, nose, heart and brain trained on business”.

Bliss score: 3.82

These are the jobs that make employees the most. happy  It seems that a job which doesn’t require a degree can still be a source of happiness and success for people wishing to climb the career ladder.