Top 10 Hardest Jobs in the World


While it is a matter of perspective, there are some jobs that require a real effort from your behalf and are considered as hard jobs to do. Not many people would choose to do these jobs as they are both challenging and/or some of them even dangerous to a certain extent. Without a doubt, in order to excel in these professions, you would either need physical or mental strength!

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So, here is the list of the top ten hardest jobs in the world according to CareerOverview:

#1 Lumberjack

Logging doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. Being a lumberjack requires that you spend all your time working outdoors and sometimes through difficult weather conditions. This job is challenging, considering that it is intensive and highly hazardous due to falling branches and trees, and moving machinery.

#2 Prison Warden

The job of a prison warden is extremely stressful as he is responsible for managing a large group of individuals who are basically regarded as convicted criminals by society. As you can imagine, the work environment is nothing but safe for them being surrounded by serious and violent offenders, and their role is highly demanding.

#3 Ironworker

Being an ironworker is not at all easy. Having to carry heavy materials in unfriendly weather conditions and work on top of tall buildings is very challenging and dangerous. Not to mention they have greater risks of getting injured than other professions – hence they have to always use safety equipment.

#4 Crime Scene Cleaners

 Crime scene cleaners are the only people who know how messy a crime scene can be. They are responsible for cleaning up after dead bodies, suicide scenes, and facing difficult situations that require a strong stomach.

#5 Buckingham Palace Guard

Would you be able to stand still for hours without being able to move at all or even have a bathroom break? If not, you couldn’t be one of the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace, who spend an excessive amount of time standing completely still while being poked fun at by tourists.

#6 Mercenary

Being a mercenary is definitely a very challenging job. Not only that, it also an extremely hazardous role considering that mercenaries are required to interact or fight with some of the most dangerous people in the world. Also, they spend a lot of time away from home and face the threat of death.

#7 Public School Teacher

In contrast to the aforementioned careers, the role of the public school teacher is not as dangerous, although that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Being a public school teacher is actually a highly demanding job – one that questions your sanity, having to handle many disrespectful students, grading assignments, and taking work at home.

#8 Crab Fisherman


Alaskan crab fishing is perhaps the most dangerous job in the world. These fishermen have to face many unsettling waves out in the ocean and walk on icy decks during extreme weather conditions which are extremely difficult.

#9 Model

Despite the fact being a model seems to be so easy – living such as luxurious life full of glamour when, in reality, it’s not. Models have to retain their physical condition and work for long and unsocial hours under a lot of pressure. Also, they have to exercise regularly and follow strict diets. If being a model was such a struggle, everyone would do it.

#10 Mortician

Morticians are forced to face death everyday having to prepare the deceased for burial which includes cleaning, embalming, grooming, and dressing them. Also, they tend to work for long and irregular hours, supporting the family of the deceased.

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So, there you have it, the top ten hardest jobs in the world! Are you considering going into any of these careers? Let us know in the comment section below!




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