Top 10 Jobs In The Management Sector That Are On The Rise


A management position calls for strong leadership skills and the ability to oversee mega projects and making split-second decisions that may be tough as well. Openings for a number of positions exist in various fields, each important in its own respect. With different management jobs commanding different pay packages, here is a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in the United States, based on the survey conducted by the US Department of Labor.


1. Chief Executive

A chief executive’s position is probably one that is the most coveted of all. The chief executive of a company is responsible for planning, overseeing and executing every operational activity in the company. They strive to ensure that the company’s goals are never missed, whether they work for a public sector or private sector industry. They command top salaries, with the median salary in the range of $175,840, though they are expected to put in long hours of work and be result oriented.

2. Architectural and Engineering Manager

It is the responsibility of the architectural and engineering manager to ensure that all architectural and engineering projects that are undertaken are planned, coordinated and overseen properly in order to make them successful.  They are called upon either to rectify problems that crop up in an existing project, or to undertake projects where new products and designs are developed and launched. They are responsible for implementing budgets for projects and estimating cost overruns. They also assess the need for equipment and hire technical hands to handle the equipment. The average salary of an architectural and engineering manager is around $133,240.

3. Natural Sciences Manager

Scientists too need to be supervised, and it is the job of a natural sciences manager to ensure the scientists do their jobs by planning and supervising their work. They are experts in their field and their job involves working with chemists, physicists and biologists, in various projects. Some work in the field of scientific research, and focus on developing new products, and streamlining, and enhancing manufacturing processes. In addition to supervising scientists, natural sciences managers work closely with other managers, material suppliers and contractors.

4. Marketing Manager

The job of a marketing manager entails planning and overseeing programs, in addition to generating interest in a specific product or service. It is his or her job to identify new markets for the company’s products, and plan strategies that ensure maximum profits for the company. The marketing manager works in close coordination with product, public relations and sales teams in order to make each marketing program a success. The average salary a marketing manager draws is around $129,870.

5. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Also known as IT or information technology managers, these people are often geeks who are responsible for planning, overseeing and coordinating all aspects relating to technology and related activities in the organization. It is their job to identify the IT needs of the company and go about implementing them without any glitch. They work closely with the IT managers and other employees, and often work in various fields that have to rely on technology to run their show. A computer and information systems manager draws an average salary of $129,130.

6. Financial Manager

Financial managers have to take care of all financial aspects of a company. Being responsible for the financial health of the company, it is their job to lay long-term financial goals and go about implementing them through skillful investment. They prepare financial reports, and analyze market trends and predict outcomes. They are responsible for the financial decisions taken for the company, and work closely with other managers. A financial manager draws an average salary of around $123,260.

7. Sales Manager

A sales manager heads the sales team or department in the company. He or she is responsible for planning and setting sales targets and ensuring that they are met by the sales team. The job entails implementing special training programs and conducting seminars to improve the overall sales of the company’s products. The average salary of a sales manager is in the range of $119,980.

8. General and Operations Manager

A general and operations manager is responsible for directing the various vital operations in the company. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the organization, he or she also formulates policies, and develops and oversees specific projects the company takes up from time to time. A general and operations manager draws an average salary of around $114,850.

9. Human Resources Manager

A human resources manager plays the important role of overseeing the administrative functions in a company. He or she is responsible for spotting talent and nurturing it, and the job often involves participating in the recruiting process by overseeing the work of the recruiters and other employees in the HR department. In addition to conducting interviews and hiring people, the human resources manager serves as a vital link between the employees and management of the company. A human resources manager draws an average salary of $109,590.

10. Public Relations/Fundraising Manager

Public relations/fundraising managers play the vital role of drawing up plans and overseeing programs that result in projecting a favourable image to the public about the organization. Their job involves charting out public relations programs and important media releases. They also involve in fundraising activities, and devise strategies to ensure everything goes smoothly. The average salary of a public relations/ fundraising manager is around $109,590.


The above described positions are some of the top management jobs in today’s job market. Although there are several other areas of management that have job openings, these are the most preferred ones. Hope you find the above list of jobs useful.