Top 10 Languages That Employers are Looking for

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Did you know that speaking more than one language is one of the best ways to give yourself a competitive edge in your field? Multilingual professionals have a much better chance of landing a good job than professionals who only speak one language.

Here are the top 10 languages to study if you want to have a better chance of success:


Considering that more than 1 billion people speak the language, it should come as no surprise that it tops the list! The West is establishing better business ties with China, so learning Mandarin is a great way to climb the corporate ladder abroad. Sadly, it’s VERY hard to speak Mandarin!


Inside the U.S., Spanish is the most common language after English. There are more than 406 million people around the world that speak Spanish, so learning the language is a great way to get better jobs at home and abroad. Best of all, Spanish is the easiest language in the world to learn.


More than 160 million people speak Russian, but many Russian professionals speak poor English. This means that the demand for professionals fluent in Russian is very high, and your chances of landing a good job will be much higher if you are conversant in Russian.


With the Middle East being one of the world’s largest oil producers, it is one of the wealthiest regions in the world. More than 20 countries speak Arabic, and it is one of the six official United Nations languages. Definitely worth learning! 


While only 74 million people speak French, many of these people reside in African nations--as well as Canada and French Polynesia. Canadians often learn French simply because much of the eastern half of the country speaks French, but anyone who wants to participate in European economics would be well-served learning French.


German is the business language of Europe, and it is a language that can help you to increase your salary (by as much as 4%). Anyone who wants to do business in the Eurozone should learn German.


Considering that much of the best technology in the world comes from Japan, it shouldn’t surprise you to realize that Japanese is a great language to learn. It is a complex, nuanced language that can take years to learn, but if you speak Japanese, you can offer immense value to your company.

American Sign Language

While not technically a SPOKEN language, it is one of the most sought-after languages in the business world. More than 28 million people suffer from hearing loss around the United States, and an ability to speak ASL will give you the opportunity to act as interpreter for the hearing impaired. Considering how important minorities (like the disabled) are to most companies, it’s a good skill to have.


More than 202 million people speak Portuguese, many of them living in Brazil. Brazil is one of the fastest-growing nations in terms of economy and wealth, and many companies are establishing a presence in the Portuguese-speaking country.


While most Indian professionals speak proper English, an ability to speak Hindustani will allow you to communicate with many people in Northern India and Pakistan.

Learn these languages and give yourself a HUGE edge in the business world!


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